Shorebird of the Week – April 14, 2011

The Orioles prized prospect

The question was not if, but how soon Manny Machado would be the Shorebird of the Week. Well, today is the day. It was going to have to be early in the season because, quite frankly, it would be a complete shock to Shorebird fans if he stayed here the entire summer. The way he’d started the season he looked to be Frederick-bound by May, although he’s cooled off of late.

Still, when you’re a first-round draft pick and considered a team’s top prospect with all of nine professional games under your belt there’s bound to be a sensation. So far Manny’s taken it in stride, and he’s off to an 8-for-24 start in his first seven games as a Shorebird (although he’s just 1-for-9 since Sunday.) Yet project a .333 average out and that should be among the league leaders later this summer – he’s already second in the league with seven walks (compared to five strikeouts) and a .984 OPS is nothing to sneeze at.

With the Orioles so high on Machado, there’s little reason to think Manny will be here beyond the All-Star break so enjoy him while you can. He was wearing out Greensboro’s pitching and it’s difficult to believe that Manny won’t make the adjustments to whatever SAL pitchers throw at him – after all, some predict he’ll be gracing the left side of the Orioles’ infield by the end of next season.

That may be a touch optimistic, but Manny has all the tools needed to succeed at this and higher levels – it’s now strictly a matter of gaining experience.

Author: Michael

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