Silence from the local left

In case you hadn’t noticed it, or just didn’t go there because left-leaning sites aren’t your cup of tea, the Progressive Delmarva domain and blogsite are moving (or have moved) into the dustbin of history. It all stemmed from a post done by one contributor (who goes by the nom de plume Two Sentz) about Shari’a law and the argument which followed. Once Melanie quit, others folowed and the Blogspot site now has a series of farewell posts at the top.

Obviously the lefties among us locally aren’t completely unrepresented, but speaking as an occasional commenter who attempted to set them straight on a few topics their demise leaves somewhat of a hole. However, a couple of them (including Two Sentz) have their own websites so those contributors will continue on their own as they see fit.

One immediate impact for me is that I lost my partner for polling the Salisbury City Council race, which I am planning to resume next week. But I will continue undaunted, and that’s an advantage of being a solo operation.

There was something quite interesting to me in one of the final comments on the Shari’a piece – it seems that Melanie left because she was concerned that her work colleagues got the impression she was posting these items. I happen to know she works at a local university, and that revelation scares me. I thought progressives were all about ‘diversity’ but as we see time and time again it’s only certain types of diversity they want to promote. Apparently diversity of thought isn’t one of them.

And when you think about it, doesn’t that make them a little bit inflexible and unequal like Shari’a law? Meanwhile, the contributors who left seem to be learning from their Democratic colleagues in Wisconsin and, instead of standing up for their beliefs, they run away. Of course there’s a difference between passing laws and running a website but it seems like they folded their tents in an awful hurry.

Anyway, that’s my take on the situation. I know Melanie used to be a fairly regular commenter here until the ‘birther’ controversy began, and if she wants to come back she’s welcome. She’ll just need to understand that I want to know why all this information is off limits for Barack Obama when, for example, she can gleefully call Newt Gingrich a “wanker of the week” for having affairs that some enterprising news reporter dug up and publicized. Why the double standard?

As for Progressive Delmarva, well, its demise means I have one less local blog to read. We’ll see how long the hiatus lasts.

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7 thoughts on “Silence from the local left”

  1. This isn’t surprising. It must be difficult to constantly have to spin the Democrat-controlled establishment’s failures into something resembling progress.

  2. So let me get this straight, the lefties got their panties in a wad because they got “shit-talked for taking a principled stand?” Where was that?

    It seems TS was standing on his principles too. And how did they react?

    They left proves once again they HAVE NO PRINCIPLES!

  3. I too was surprised the post had such a reaction… We have hadd several “disagreements” before over post but wow….. didn’t think the blog would shut down over it.. Oh well… We’ll continue over at Two Sentz and keep making music

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