2008’s influential blogs

I’m back to live blogging after my Christmas trip to Florida…did you notice?

As you may have guessed from my summertime forays into Shorebird of the Week, I’m a bit of a statistics freak. So when the minds of BlogNetNews.com came up with an “influence ranking” obviously tracking the ratings through time appealed to me. (It didn’t hurt that I was one of those ranked; in fact, each week Maryland has had a ranking monoblogue’s been included. I think the streak is 81 straight weeks, including this week’s #3 ranking.)

For the first time, we have a full year to go by insofar as the overall rankings go. During the summer, however, they added several subcategories of interest as well – dividing the Maryland blog world into conservative and liberal camps, and adding an “experimental” per-post influence rating. Thus, I have four Top 20 lists (I’m including the Delmarva list I participate in as well) and one Top 10 list. Oddly enough for a state considered blue, there’s only a handful of liberal-leaning blogs which were rated by BlogNetNews so they only have a Top 10 list.

This is going to be ancilliary information to my upcoming 2009 Guide to the Maryland Blogosphere, which I’m attempting to finish for the first full week of the new year.

Let’s begin with the overall list for Maryland. The Eastern Shore is well-represented on this list, and the number in (parentheses) afterward is the applicable 2007 ranking.

Maryland’s politically influential blogs 2008 (overall)

  1. Salisbury News (4)
  2. monoblogue (2)
  3. Red Maryland (5)
  4. Pocomoke Tattler (7)
  5. PolitickerMD (-)
  6. Brian Griffiths (1)
  7. Charles County Cafe (17)
  8. Worcester Right (15)
  9. Maryland Politics Watch (19)
  10. Delusional Duck (8)
  11. Free State Politics (3)
  12. Delmarva Dealings (18)
  13. On The Record (-)
  14. Baltimore Reporter (9)
  15. Gunpowder Chronicle (-)
  16. The No BS Zone (-)
  17. Inside Charm City (-)
  18. Maryland Politics Today (10)
  19. Annapolis Capital Punishment (14)
  20. The Duck Unplugged (-)

Blogs which fell out of the Top 20 from 2007 included The Hedgehog Report, The Candid Truth, Annapolis Politics, Kevin Dayhoff, gaithersblog.net, and The Main Adversary. Most of those remain active but didn’t compile enough points to make the 2008 list.

There’s two sites which may not make the 2009 list because they’ve been placed on hiatus, those being Free State Politics and PolitickerMD. As always, tastes of readers and the effort placed into the sites by their editors also can make a difference.

As I noted above, there were several new categories of websites which made their debut in 2008. I’ll begin with the per-post category, which essentially to me means each post has more bang for the buck. It gives some advantage to infrequent posters, but based on the list above the rankings BlogNetNews came up with seem relatively fair.

Maryland’s politically influential blogs 2008 (per-post)

  1. monoblogue
  2. Pocomoke Tattler
  3. Brian Griffiths
  4. Salisbury News
  5. O’Malley Watch
  6. The No BS Zone
  7. Crablaw (now WB & A Blog)
  8. Maryland On My Mind
  9. Howard County Maryland Blog*
  10. Anne Arundel Maryland Politics
  11. Annapolis Politics
  12. Maryland Conservatarian
  13. Lost On The Shore
  14. Conservative Refuge
  15. Maryland Politics Today
  16. Aquaman Questing For Atlantis
  17. Just Up The Pike
  18. Beltway Progressive
  19. The Dagger
  20. Baltimore Reporter

* I needed a tiebreaker…HCMB was ranked in 18 weeks, AAMP ranked in 17.

This was a very strange category indeed, as no one ranked first more than 5 times and 24 different sites ranked first in a particular week. The site Jousting for Justice only ranked twice, but was first both times. The category seems to reward sites which post regularly but not frequently, as a larger number of posts would dilute the per-post rank. And while I had the top overall rank, there were a number of weeks my site didn’t make the weekly Top 20.

Maryland’s politically influential blogs 2008 (conservative)

  1. monoblogue
  2. Red Maryland
  3. Brian Griffiths
  4. Delmarva Dealings
  5. Gunpowder Chronicle
  6. Worcester Right
  7. Baltimore Reporter
  8. Kevin Dayhoff
  9. The No BS Zone
  10. Pillage Idiot
  11. Aquaman Questing For Atlantis
  12. Anne Arundel Maryland Politics
  13. Baltimore History Examiner
  14. The Hedgehog Report
  15. Annapolis Politics
  16. The Political Octagon
  17. Maryland Conservatarian
  18. What A Smell?
  19. Howard County Maryland Blog
  20. Maryland Chesapeake Blog

I’ll grant that this list is not greatly representative because there are only 26 sites which accrued ratings for the year. On the liberal side though there were only 13, so they only get a Top 10.

Maryland’s politically influential blogs 2008 (liberal)

  1. Maryland Politics Watch
  2. Just Up The Pike
  3. Annapolis Capital Punishment
  4. Crablaw (now WB & A Blog)
  5. Maryland On My Mind
  6. Duck Duck Goose
  7. Lost On The Shore
  8. The Duck Unplugged
  9. Beltway Progressive
  10. Insane Baltimore

Something I found interesting is that the liberal side shared 36 weeks’ worth of top rankings among eight sites, with none gathering more than eight. On my side, I’m a greedy SOB since I had 31 #1 rankings out of 36. (I have no idea why since we all put up good stuff.)

Since I also participate in the Delmarva BlogNetNews rankings, I thought it appropriate to check that side as well. These ratings came into being early in 2008, and what made this a little difficult to do was the addition of a number of sites to the Delmarva roster (primarily from the Delaware side) in July. This meant several sites which ranked well early on were bumped out by a large number of new sites.

What I’ve decided to do is a Top 20 list compiled from July 20th, when this influx of new sites began, with the overall year position in (parentheses).

  1. Salisbury News (1)
  2. Delaware Liberal (8)
  3. Delmarva Dealings (9)
  4. monoblogue (4)
  5. Delaware Way (14)
  6. Fix Red Clay (16)
  7. kavips (17)
  8. Pro-Maryland Gazette (18)
  9. Delmar DustPan (5)
  10. Two Sentz – Spreading The Blue Truth (19)
  11. Delaware Curmudgeon (-)
  12. Duvafiles (2)
  13. The Colossus Of Rhodey (-)
  14. Pocomoke Tattler (3)
  15. Delaware Watch (-)
  16. Up A Creek In Lower Slower Delaware (-)
  17. Worcester Right (6)
  18. Delawarepolitics.net (-)
  19. That’s Elbert With An E (7)
  20. Tobinville (-)

The sites which made the overall Top 20 based mainly or solely on the strength of their rankings during the early part of the year were Average Girl In An Average World (10th overall), Talk Of Delmarva (11), Oceanshaman (12), The Shores of Delmarva (13), ShoreIndie (tied for 14th), and ShoreThings (20). Amazingly, nearly 70 sites had at least one top-20 finish in at least one week.

As was the case with the Maryland rankings, at least one of these will likely not make the 2009 rankings as Duvafiles went on a hiatus after the elections concluded.

Perhaps this exercise was somewhat self-serving, but there’s at least one other ego which will be stroked by the results. My contention is that the only way I can improve my craft is to compare it to others in a peer group and try to become the best in the group. I’d love to see a national Top 100 ranking sometime if BlogNetNews really wanted to try something a little more adventurous.

Tomorrow I’ll delve back into politics, although posting will still be somewhat slow with the lack of political news out there.

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21 thoughts on “2008’s influential blogs”

  1. Yours and those other “politically influential”
    blogs on the Shore helped Andy Harris big time — to lose to Frank Kratovil. Why else would McCain carry every County in the 1st Congressional District, most by big margins, at the same time as Harris lost?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. oops. I put my posting in the wrong place. Anyway, how does Salisbury News get their rankings? There are so many holes in their stories it is funny. They censor everything that comes in, and only tell one side of the story–their story. I guess what I am saying is are the people of Salisbury taking this blog seriously, or do they go their for laughs?

  3. Wow. Didn’t even know I had a ranking. Not really something I think about or shoot for. This blog thing’s more of a personal/spiritual/therapeutic exercise for me, but it’s nice to know that it reaches folks, and perhaps makes some lives a little better . . .

  4. Michael, I don’t respect BNN’s rankings because I don’t understand their methodology. They don’t disclose it. So it seems there’s two ways to measure influence. First, you could report Sitemeter visits, as I did last summer. Second, you could be completely subjective and admit it, letting the readers take your opinions into account. But BNN’s pretensions to be “scientific” without allowing readers access to their methodology insults our intelligence.

  5. I figured this would get a number of comments, and I was correct.

    TP: You raise an interesting point, as particular lightning rod bloggers seemed to do a good job alienating voters against Andy Harris. However, I happen to think there were about 2 million reasons Andy lost, a number that just happens to equal the number of dollars pumped into the race by the DCCC. I’m looking forward to the possible rematch, because Frank Kratovil will have a record this time – it’ll be more of a fair fight.

    buggers: I think Salisbury News has figured out a nice method to get its rankings. It seems to me Joe Albero’s chief complaint when he’s not on top of the rankings is that they are not based solely on readership. (Of course, he has no complaints about the situation when he’s first – hence the “ego stroke” line.)

    On the other hand, one thing I’ve noticed is when I go to a non-political post like a “Weekend of local rock” post, my ranking suffers a point or two. But I don’t necessarily play to rankings, I write about things which interest me and challenge myself to make them interesting to others as well.

    Joe: Since I don’t consider my website an exercise in futility, just keep ragging on my readership. Give those anti-Albero bloggers another chance to come to my defense, since I’m sure they will (as will many others.)

    It’s hard to get to the top, but yet another thing to stay there. Now you have the target on your back, good luck.

    ocean: Everyone who’s in BlogNetNews gets a ranking. I know you do your site for completely different reasons, and you’re to be commended for what you’ve achieved in your particular interest area and (more importantly) what you’re accomplishing in your personal growth.

    Adam: BNN claims to make their methods proprietary in order to prevent artificially gaming the system.

    When I finish my 2009 Guide to the Maryland Blogosphere next week, it will take into account readership and posting frequency (to be placed on the list) but will also add some other unbiased (more or less) items like the Technorati number and Google page rank to each entry. Originally I was going to bring up the BNN rankings but doing this post enables me to drop that part of the ranking because this won’t account for all of the blogs on the list whereas the other two methods have more of a universal reach.

    I’m not doing this as a ranking, though, just as a guide to Maryland blogging.

  6. Michael, please spare us the BS – “I happen to think there were about 2 million reasons Andy lost, a number that just happens to equal the number of dollars pumped into the race by the DCCC.”

    What about Harris and his bucks — does the name “Club for Growth” ring any bells?

    Face it, the doctor is a loser in the 1st District and that ain’t gonna change.

  7. What about the Club For Growth? I happen to be a member; apparently you belong to the Club for Shrinkage. It’s what will happen to all of our wallets as government continues to grow with Frank Kratovil’s help.

    I hope you truly believe that Frank Kratovil is going to have a record he’ll be proud to run on and which reflects his “Eastern Shore values” because I sure don’t.

    So spare me your BS.

  8. Wow, That’s Elbert made the list! It actually had a #1 before the influx of sites. It does better on the DE charts, particularly when broken down to political ideology. Michael, it’s good to see your numbers. You deserve your high rankings.

  9. I suppose it is nice to see that you have influenced many with the words you write. I would think, however, that if you can influence or educate even one reader, it must make it all worth it.

    I think we all can agree that the number of hits, or even comments, doesn’t necessarily mean you are influencing anyone. In my opinion, Sbynews is a breeding ground for disaster; a platform for the ignorant to speak. While I realize that one of Joe’s MO’s is to give what little info he has and let the commenters “have at it”, it obviously doesn’t mean that any of the trash that spews forth is correct.

    If I am going to read a political blog, I would rather read well researched and intelligently written posts than see a picture of Obama on a welfare check. While some may see the humor in that, I find it rather distasteful. If I want to read a “spiritual” blog which helps me reflect on my own life, I read Oceanshaman. If I want to see what antics Joe has been involved in, I read the “anti” blogs. And, to get my weekly dose of amusement, I will click on to Sbynews. That blog also serves to make me feel better about myself. You know what they say, if you want to put yourself on a pedestal, surround yourself with low life beings.

  10. Well, mytime, I hope I’d influence more than one reader per post but sometimes you have to take what you get. Since this isn’t a Blogspot site you can’t easily stumble onto it accidentally by just clicking “next blog”, you have to look a little bit for it.

    The one complaint I could have about BlogNetNews is that I’m going up against sites which don’t devote as much space to political items as I do, but are deemed “politically” influential nonetheless. That’s why I’m most pleased about the “conservative” category because that’s much more of a true peer group. [Although, #2 overall isn’t too bad…just would have preferred being behind a quality site like Brian Griffiths, Red Maryland, or even (from the left) Maryland Politics Watch.]

    But I’m glad you put your trust here to read political news and commentary, as I am with all the rest of my readers whether they drop by for the political stuff, local music coverage, or Shorebird of the Week.

  11. Certainly I am not saying that you only influence one reader per post. I suppose I am saying that the comparison between your blog and the other one is apples to oranges, so the number of hits really isn’t a deciding factor of the influence.

  12. Oh, what the heck. Let’s keep the comments coming Michael.

    Unlike you, I contacted the Staff of Blognetnews and expressed my opinion as to why I personally believe their system is flawed. I agree with you on the National politics level Michael. However, for local politics you don’t even rank. That’s not at all a dig, it’s just the truth. We do have two completely different styles of Blogs and that’s a healthy thing. However, your posts are so long, you just have no clue how you could actuially cut, (seriously) 80% of what you say out of it and gain far more readers. You won’t listen to me on that, yet I continue to watch your Blog lose more and more readers.

    As for my time and others, you have every right to your opinion. You can challenge our posts and make false statements that we’re wrong but the truth of the matter is, we’re more successful than any one of you because we know what we’re doing and we deliver far more than 99% of you.

    Influential is when someone like Andy Harris comes to you and asks if he can post information on your Blog and help his Campaign. Never once did I go to Andy Harris and ask for this. Influential is when the Governor comes to Town and recognizes you over anyone else and says, aren’t you the #1 Blogger in the State of Maryland Joe? Influential is pulling people together for unconditional causes like the Salvation Army and the Humane Society, proving absolute positive results for these organizations. Influential is selling out a 6,000 seat auditorium for a Fernando Guerrero fight when they only sell 500 seats anywhere else around the County. Influential is being asked by Dover Downs to Host a Celebrity Billiard Event and raise $10,000.00 for the charity of the winners choice. I could go on and on and bore you to death about who has made a difference and argue with ALL of you regularly.

    Instead, even though I can go on and on PROVING I’m not only the better Blogger, I’m by far the better man because I am out there personally making a difference for others. I don’t just sit back and talk shit behind fictitious names and say harsh things about you or the Anti Albero Bloggers. I put my name on the line. I get death threats regularly. I get challenged by many of you pussies to show up here or there and you’re going to kick my ass. I show up and guess what, they don’t show. I get challenged from ALL of you to tell everyone where I’ll be ringing the bell for a month with the Salvation Army. I go ahead and tell everyone and again, you pussies never show up.

    What kills all of you is the fact that I not only am man enough to put my name on the line, I deliver results, unlike all you wanna be’s. Michael most certainly knows his politics, I’ll give him that. However, Michael knows nothing about being street wise or communicating at a normal level. Again, another one of his and many of your downfalls. Only a select few can relate and or understand what you’re saying. I tell it like it is where everyone can understand.

    So rather than any one of you saying congratulations for the position sbynews.com EARNED, you’d rather rag on me. Michael, your statement has to be one of the sorriest I’ve heard in many years and certainly by a grown man. “It’s hard to get to the top, but yet another thing to stay there. Now you have the target on your back, good luck.”

    Hey Michael, you even admitted your hits/visits were down this year, only because I brought that to every one’s attention. You were spending the entire year talking about how things were up, then all of a sudden you get exposed and finally tell the truth. Nevertheless, people aren’t coming to your site because they have lost ALL respect for you joining the Anti Albero Blogs. Even my Wife had to call you and ask why after we treated you like family, why you would do such a thing. You refused to remove yourself so the Albero Family dumped you like a West Virginia Step Child and you’re now on your own. I happen to know others who recently asked you the very same thing and you refused to remove yourself again. The word is out about you Michael and your nothing short of a whore. You’ll do anything for attention, even if it means screwing those who cared the most and respected you.

    That’s OK though Michael. We thank you for exposing who you truly are and we now know what to expect from you. I’ll never forget during the Andy Harris campaign others saying, uh oh, we better go out and buy Michael another hamburger, he’s going off track again and must need some more attention. The next thing you knew, Michael was invited to another get together, he was fed and all of a sudden they were good for another month od positive posts. ROTFLMAO!

    Anyhow, getting back to Blognetnews. I gave them all the advice I could and they can do with it what they like. I would suggest ALL of you do the same and perhaps we’ll get some positive results. However, 40 hits a day and being in the #2 position because you cross post with others, well, if you think you deserve it, go for it Michael. IMHO, it’s a joke and an insult to all those other people out there delivering multiple articles a day while maintining many thousands of hits per day.

    As for being #1. Truthfully Michael, it’s like I told Blognetnews. I don’t want to be #1. I believe there are several other Blogs out there busting their tails every day delivering more information in a day than you deliver in a whole month. These hard working people get slapped in the fact by the one hit wonder, Monoblogue? Let me add this as well Michael. Blognetnews does NOTHING for Salisbury News. If we get 1 to 5 hits a day from Blognetnews we’re lucky. I couldn’t care less if they dropped Salisbury News. They’re making money off of my hits and I make nothing from them at all. Any one of you are welcome to share that with them. Let me tell you this though. They would get hurt so bad if they dropped my Site and they know it. I can see where the #1 or #2 position would be very important to a guy who only gets 40 hits a day. For a Blog who is in the many thousands of hits a day, I couldn’t care less about Blognetnews. Let me assure you of this as well Michael. Their rankings have NOTHING to do with hits because if it did I would be #1 every week and I say that with all the confidence in the world.

    Here’s the other reason why I know I am more influential than ANY other Blogger in the State. Do YOU have an anti Michael Blog out there? NO! Whny, because you don’t influence anyone. You ride the wave Michael and that’s all you do. If YOU want to make a difference you need to stand up like a man and fight the good fight. Oh sure, every so often you’ll put up a Post that almost challenges someone you support but then like a pussy you come back and cover your tracks by the end of the article hoping people will listen to you and make you feel important again. A real man with real influence tells it like you see it and IF they don’t like it, well, you stand behind what you believe in. In my case Michael, those people either change because I’ve said so. Take the Hearne Crown Center recently. I stood in front of many friends on that Council and spoke my peace live on PAC 14. I had several friends who strongly disagreed with me UNTIL they finally learned that the tax relief was about TEAM SPORTS and children UNDER 18 years old. They fought it and fought it for months but when the PAC 14 audience finally say what I had to say, when the Council went to Rick Pollitt and asked how he felt about it, Rick Pollitt said, you want to know what I would do. I would go back and watch the tape on PAC 14 and I would do EVERYTHING Mr. Albero suggested because he’s 100% right.

    Guess what Michael. They passed the tax relief on them because I knew what I was talking about and I took the time to go to the meetings and I stood up for those children and together we educated and ultimately WON! That’s Influential. Joe Albero and Salisbury News makes a difference for a better community in which we live and work in. Why don’t you tell all of us what YOU do for our community Michael? Show your readers what makes YOU so influential.

    Somehow I get the feeling that this comment may never see the light of day, so I’ll save it for a Post on my Blog if you choose not to stand up for yourself. You want my respect Michael? When women call you and ask you to not get involved with such nasty people because they have horrible things to say about them and you REFUSE to respect their wishes, drop your name and stop participating with them and I’ll back away. Until then, you’re not a man Michael. You’re a follower and always will be. I will enjoy tearing you apart on the Blogs day by day because you’re not influential. You’re a chess player playing with peoples lives and you associate with those people because it gives you attention. By the way, look up at your comment Michael where you talk about ALL of the Anti Albero Bloggers taking what I said above and going after me on their Blogs. Hey Idiot, guess what, it didn’t happen. Again, clear evidence you have no influence and not even your alleged friends come here to read your bullshit. Mainly because they’re too stupid to understand 25% of the words you post.

    Have a Happy 20009 Michael and hey, thanks for volunteering to go out and ring the bell for the Salvation Army. Oh, that’s right, you didn’t do that, did you. Influential????????

  13. Wow, Joe, such a verbose comment. A little difficult to follow since your flow was way off, but I get the picture.

    I believe Joe is influential in his own mind. The reason I believe he keeps telling us about his bell ringing, his animal adoptions, his community relations is because he feels he can’t let anyone forget what little good he has done.

    Joe, do you honestly believe that those few good deeds will get you into heaven? Do they make up for the person you have been all of your life? Do you think they will absolve you of your guilt for making countless people miserable in your quest for trying to “even up the score” for the things that happened to your wife? Do you think these little acts of kindness will make up for the kind of father and husband you were? I do not believe you have been truly sincere about any of it. If you were really a good person who wanted to do good things for anything other than to further your own agenda, you would have been doing them all along. You would also NOT feel the need to tell anyone about them. To brag about it only goes to prove that you were doing it for yourself.

    I’d also like to ask Joe why he is so offended that Michael didn’t do exactly as he was told by Mrs. Albero. Not used to that are you Joe, someone who won’t do what you want through intimidation or otherwise. Perhaps that is why you have the “friends” you do.

    As far as Andy Harris is concerned, we see where your influence got him. A ticket to nowhereland. Maybe next time around he will be a little wiser about who he cozies up to.

    As for your comment not “seeing the light of day”, not everyone does what you do, Joe.

  14. “mytime” stole some of my thunder but I can respond nonetheless. First off, I’ve never had an issue with how BlogNetNews does their system, just the groupings. When they separated the conservative/liberal political blogs from the rest, that was fine with me. It’s a peer group.

    Secondly, there is a world of difference between writing to inform and writing to persuade. I can’t do “just the facts ma’am” if I’m trying to educate – it would be like me handing a small child a book and telling them, “this is a book, you read it.” Yes, those are the facts but the poor child has no idea what to do with the information. Maybe that’s not the greatest analogy but the point is I’m writing in a style that’s different by necessity.

    I have news for you Joe. Chris Meekins came to me early on and wanted to use my site as well – this was back while it was still an exploratory committee. The really smart people who want to get out a message feed different things to different bloggers, so my stuff wasn’t always the same as yours. And personally I’d rather not be recognized by Martin O’Malley – in his case I’d prefer to be stealth because I’d rather ask him tough questions.

    Now, let’s talk about terms like “any one of you.” The last time I checked, monoblogue was a one-man operation. If you are referring to the rest of PMG, perhaps you should comment there. Then you can see the extent of my “participation” there – I think it’s 4 posts and none very recently.

    In truth, the one reason I stay on there is principle. If you go to PMG you can find my standing offer to disassociate with them. All you need to do is publicly apologize to one person who you brought family unrest to, one who happens to be a woman just like the ones you claim that call you. Of course, the naysayers over at PMG said I’d be there awhile and so far they seem to be correct.

    It’s interesting though that you feel you deserve congratulations for being the top-ranked blog but think they have a flawed system. Then again, maybe it wasn’t so flawed once you were on top, just flawed that I was right behind you. Trust me, I check on readership too and there’s a lot of sites who at times rank ahead of me but draw fewer readers from week to week than even I do. I don’t hold that against them because we’re all trying hard for readership – otherwise why have a website? I just don’t make their readership public – then again, people can check my Site Meter anytime and we can’t say that about Salisbury News can we?

    Can I ask how it is that I “don’t influence anyone” yet I’m “a chess player playing with people’s lives”? Something doesn’t jibe there.

    Let’s cut to the chase. You and I used to get along well until I put up a certain picture, you know the one. I put that up because I could see back then that you have this habit of building up people then tearing them down, and apparently I’m your latest obsession. If my site is as puny as you say it is you wouldn’t have written 1500 words or so ragging on it.

    I’ve been at this for over three years, and I daresay that I’ve built up a lot of respect over that time for what I’ve wrote. That’s why there’s no anti-Michael sites except for yours. I’m not out to remove one person from office, I’m out to change a nation. It’s a bigger goal than yours and one I’m certain I can’t accomplish alone.

    I will depart from “mytime” a little bit here and commend you for your community service such as Salvation Army, reprinting press releases from certain charitable events, and so forth. However, it seems a shame that you have to take what can be a very useful site and use it as a means to try and damage the lives of certain people who don’t meet your approval.

    That’s not why I have a website. But it is why I have true friends and not followers.

  15. What else does not jibe is that Albero says he gets maybe 1-5 hits a day from BNN if he is lucky. Look at the most clicked articles they are usually from Sbynews and have been clicked 20-30 times or more. It seems to me he just confessed to clicking his own articles to pump up his ranking.

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