A slow blogging weekend

I wasn’t feeling it a whole lot today, and that’s part of the reason I wasn’t on a lot this weekend.

First of all, it’s no surprise that in most cases blog readership has tailed off after the election, mine included. When you have a predominantly political site, that’s the way the game is played. I’ve tracked my stats for about 2 1/2 years and generally the holidays are about my slowest time of year, along with mid-summer. So to be quite honest I took today to do some other items related to the project I announced last week, attempting to put together a somewhat comprehensive guide to Maryland blogs. Basically it was an effort to weed out a number of those in the universe of the Maryland Blogger Alliance and BlogNetNews who wouldn’t make the cut, generally because of a lack of posting frequency. At the moment with my first pass I have 19 which qualify based on frequency of posting and readership, but about 30 which I couldn’t immediately get the stats to verify the number of readers. After I check those stats I’ll get into other blogs which aren’t members of either group.

I was also pleased to find out this morning that I have my best-ever combined influence rank between Maryland and Delmarva. Today was the second time I’ve been #1 on the Delmarva side – for some reason I normally don’t do as well against Delaware blogs as I do Maryland ones. Even better was the fact that this website you’re reading now has moved into the #1 spot for the 12-week rolling average Maryland’s BlogNetNews site uses as a long-term influence guide. (Generally I hold the #1 slot among the blogs who consider themselves “conservative” as well. How I beat the dozen or so contributors to Red Maryland each week I don’t know, but I usually do. Works for me.) I’m sure that doesn’t make another local blogger’s day, but I’m also sure we’ll trade that spot back and forth for awhile. Just enjoy things while they last.

Don’t be alarmed, I’m not shutting things down by any means. Sometimes I just need a bit of a break and researching sounded more enjoyable to me than writing did today. And listening to Local Produce sounds good right now, so that’s what I’ll do. Tomorrow it’s back to business since the Wicomico County Republican Club meets.

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