America’s not mad, it has ‘NozzleRage’

July 29, 2008 · Posted in Business and industry, National politics, Politics 

Note to readers: my site doesn’t have theme music, there’s a video below. This actually did better than an embed, and you can pause the video until you finish reading.

Yet another relatively unknown (but hoping not to stay that way) political effort which has popped up over the last few months is dubbed “NozzleRage”. In its own words, their goal is to:

NozzleRage is a video campaign designed…to make clear what is happening to this country and its drivers.  Its goal is to channel the fury most Americans feel into effective action. 

The first of a series of 30-second NozzleRage videos features an OPEC gas pump ripping off and then attacking an ordinary American consumer.  It directs viewers to the NozzleRage Web site where they can register to view upcoming videos and find out what they can do to end our suicidal vulnerability to OPEC’s oil cartel.

NozzleRage’s message is supported by a number of the nation’s leading advocates for energy security including Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. (of the Center for Security Policy).

While Gaffney provides the political gravitas to the group, the video in question was done by the Zucker brothers (think of the Naked Gun series of movies, Airplane!, or the short-lived but hilarious TV series Police Squad!). Gaffney also did a recent op-ed in the Washington Times about a concept known as the “Open Fuel Standard”, legislation that is in the Congressional hopper but probably won’t see any movement until they return from the August recess.

Here’s the Zucker brothers’ first video contribution to the cause:

Now it will be interesting to see what happens when I post tonight whether the video will still play! It does.


3 Responses to “America’s not mad, it has ‘NozzleRage’”

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