Weekend of local rock volume 11

And it sounded like eleven too. This was the show I checked out last night:

The who, what, where, when, and why about last night's show. It's a neat poster that I allocated, after all they were done with it.

I actually thought there would be three bands, so it was nice to get a bonus fourth. More on them in a bit. First up came that cast of characters known as Goatbag.

One of my few Goatbag shots that came out. As always, they start out in costume and it's kind of fun to see them as they set up before they change into their stuff.

They played sort of a short set, maybe a half hour, but it was enough time for the pancakes to be made. You had to be there.

In the second slot came the “bonus” band out of Union City, New Jersey known as Lamps Burning.

Lamps Burning was fast, heavy, and possessed a lot of energy, particularly lead singer Chris Barretto. You'll see him again on this post.

I wouldn’t mind seeing these guys make a return trip at some point. And while they have an energetic front man, these three are pretty solid in their own right:

From left to right is Chris Vargas on bass, Rob Beltran on guitar, and back on drums is J.R. Pereira.

They played a little longer set, and the mosh pit was in effect at the end. That boisterous group had Lamps Burning play one extra song in the set, so the Monkey Barrel faithful approved of the group’s efforts.

While Lamps Burning didn’t bring much in the way of merch, since this occasion was also a CD release party for area rockers Falling From Failure that band indeed had copies of the new CD called “Calculating Errors” at their table.

Here was where you could get the band's new CD, 2007's 'Unwelcome' EP, or FFF shirts with their logo. Been there, didn't get the shirt but I bought both the discs.

And I like the logo. They need a nice square sticker like this for my bumper.

The graphic could be a little busy for a bumper sticker but it might work.

Oh yeah, they played too. Actually, they were who I came to see, so I took quite a few pictures. I’ll start with one of the full band.

While I may not win any awards for composition, I did get all three band members in the shot. Up front on the left is Blake, to the right is Curt, and Chris is back on drums.

I also got shots of the individual band members, although Blake didn’t quite cooperate as you’ll see.

Next time look at the camera Blake! He's the singer and plays the guitar. Still trying to figure out why his jacket has that effect in my photo.

Why is it that bassists are always looking down? Curt was just churning out the low end rhythm.

I actually got two decent shots of Chris on the drums, which is a shock to me because drummers are hard to get pictures of.

I have to tell you that I took most of these shots relatively early in the set because by the end I was right up front on the ropes getting the occasional bump from the mosh pit. And my chiropractor will love me since I was headbanging for a good portion of FFF’s set. But it was fun.

Closing out the night was local favorite Hard$ell. I showed you Falling From Failure’s merch table, but they had nothing on Hard$ell’s.

I was a little surprised they didn't have any music to go with the shirts and other items. But the table sort of fits with the band name does it not?

There was one thing quite different about Hard$ell this time than the last time I saw them maybe a year or so ago. I took this shot just when they started playing from way back at the auxiliary bar so it’s not my greatest effort.

With this shot you get some idea of the number of folks there. It was a little less than I thought may be present, but this is Easter weekend so a lot of SU students probably went home.

This is a better shot of the Hard$ell crew. Moving to stage left worked a lot better.

There were only three guys playing last night, I remembered them as a four-piece band.

The last time I saw them they had a turntable player who also did backing vocals. He was there last night but only backed up on the last couple songs. I’m wondering if his voice couldn’t handle a full set anymore.

I'm not sure what the deal is but this guy only backed up a couple songs. The way he would scream lyrics always reminded me of some of the oldtime hardcore punk bands. By the way, as promised our friend from Lamps Burning was right up front checking out Hard$ell, he's behind the guy in the blue striped shirt.

I got a kick out of the last song, with the crowd participating by yelling out a phrase that’s eerily similar to the two words our local “pro-Maryland” bloggers place before the name of Joe Albero.

Sometime this coming week I’m going to put up some more pictures and a little more of a review on the monoblogue Myspace site. I actually took almost 90 pictures, and a lot of them were at the large format I like rather than the 640 x 480 format I use for this site. If the bands want some they can ask me at the address above.

There was one more picture I took just because I thought it was cool.

I've always found these things fascinating. It looks like something out an old science fiction movie.

I also should commend Jude for doing a great job with the sound. When he’s at a show (and he does a bunch), I can be sure that bad sound won’t be an issue. I still miss his Sunday evening radio show though.

Finally, if the creek don’t rise you can look forward to another pictorial like this sometime after next Saturday because that evening I’m going to head over to the Steer Inn to check out Skip Dixxon’s Spring Luau featuring 12 bands – Blake Haley, Crowded Outhouse, Johnny Suit and the Nice Ties, Woodstock, Aaron Howell Band, Melodic Groove, Trailerpark Romeo, Matthew King, Lower Class Citizens, Pirate Radio, Agent 99 (with a shout out to Casey!), and, of course, my good friends from Semiblind, who will be part of that bill as well. Should be a blast and it’ll be a little different sound – certainly not quite as heavy but still good music.

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