Again it’s a Semiblind sighting

Taking a detour from the political scene…there’s more below if you didn’t see it last night.

Yes, once again tonight one of my favorite local bands makes an appearance on the LiveLixx at Six show on Ocean 98 (98.1 FM). Listen there or you can watch it here.

They also had a good band out of Newark, Delaware last night called Stealing December. After sort of a hiatus over the last couple months with just a few live bands in the studio, it appears the station’s trying to resume having a featured group several times a week.

If you’re not familiar with the LiveLixx format, generally the featured bands will play three to four songs during the hour intersperced with other live songs by established artists and banter between the two DJ’s, BK and Leslie. They’re supporting local and regional music in a great way since the demise of X106.9 so I encourage all of you to listen and check out some good stuff!

I’ll also take this post to mention that I’m now one of the featured local blogs on the WMDT Channel 47 bloglist, so if you’re following a link from their site welcome to monoblogue!

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