Lions lament part 50

Yep, that’s how many seasons it’s been since the Detroit Lions have won an NFL title (not to mention 16 since they last won a playoff game.) And after being humiliated 51-14 at San Diego, losing their sixth straight game after a 6-2 start, and allowing the Chargers to clinch the AFC West title, I have one thing to say (again…)

A fan expressed his desire for Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen to be sacked in a late-season 2006 game. AP photo by Paul Sancya. 

I used this photo last year too, but nothing ever seems to change. Expect to see duplicates of that sign next week in the Lions’ home finale against Kansas City. Maybe we’ll even get the fans with the bags over their heads. The Ford family might make fine cars, but their football team sure is an Edsel.

Of course, when you stop and think about it, the bigger fools are the fans who come in and carry the signs. I know there’s a sunk cost in season tickets but somewhere along the line the fans will quit showing up, even in Detroit. Every team has a down cycle, but 50 years? Come on.

Fortunately, for all of the Lions’ woes, at least they’re not the Ravens losing to an 0-13 team.

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2 thoughts on “Lions lament part 50”

  1. I live in Delaware and have been a fan of the Lions since the 1980 season. I finally got to see the Lions live in Detroit last week during the Cowboys game. You would be suprised at how the town just doesn’t give a crap about the team. Yes, the game was soldout, but it seems like 40 percent of the crowd was Cowboy fans. The town loves the other teams that are there, but the Lions could move and no one would notice that they were gone.

  2. When a city hasn’t had a winning season in so long, it’s hard to get the fans excited. The same thing happens during the summer at Orioles games when they play Boston or New York – you would think it’s Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park south.

    Every time the Lions play the Bears, Packers, or Vikings the regional fans head to Detroit to cheer those teams on so that between 1/3 to 1/2 the crowd is in navy/orange, green with cheeseheads, or purple. Since Cowboy fans are all over the country, their plague comes to Ford Field every so often too.

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