Shorebird of the week 5-10-2007

Shorebird hurler Pedro Beato pitches in a May 3rd contest.

This week I’ve selected Delmarva hurler Pedro Beato as my Shorebird of the Week. Expected to be an anchor of the starting staff after putting up good numbers at Aberdeen last season (3-2, 3.63 ERA and a 1.23 WHIP in 57 innings), he has not disappointed in his seven starts here – with the possible exception of having no decisions yet through those starts. Through last night’s start at Hickory Pedro is 0-0 but has a solid 2.83 ERA and his WHIP total has only increased slightly to 1.34. (For non-stat geeks, he’s walked 16 and allowed 31 hits in 35 innings pitched. WHIP is walks + hits divided by innings pitched, and a 1.34 WHIP is considered a little above average.)

The tall (6′-5″) Dominican native was a sandwich pick in last year’s draft (as compensation for the Orioles losing a free agent), the 32nd overall selection out of St. Petersburg Junior College in Florida. So obviously the Orioles brass has high hopes for Pedro and, much like Brandon Erbe last season, may give him the kid glove treatment in 2007. Just 20 years old, he’ll be given some time to develop.

If the rotation holds (admittedly a guess in minor league baseball) the next chance to see Pedro would be the Sunday afternoon game in the next homestand (May 20th). Between Pedro and another of the year’s SotW honorees, Brad Bergesen (also a Tuesday Daily Times article subject), the ‘Birds have two good pitchers who you may have to see quickly this season before they head up the ladder to Frederick and beyond. Both are pitchers I enjoy watching because they work quickly and throw strikes.

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