Funding the resistance, redux

Back in January I posted about a New York blogger who was having financial difficulties as part of a longer riff on the state of conservative bloggers who are struggling financially because our side doesn’t have the set of patrons those on the left seem to.

Well, Marianne has averted the original financial trouble she encountered but now is fighting what she believes is late stage Lyme Disease. That’s something perhaps people in my sphere of influence can relate to as the Delmarva area is also prone to the spread of Lyme thanks to infected deer ticks.

Because of that, I’ve placed a badge in the “public service announcement” area of my site which notes that conservative bloggers are supporting conservative bloggers. Marianne’s not looking for a government handout, but after noting the paucity of “Lyme literate” doctors who deal with late stage Lyme Disease she also has this to write:

There will likely be more doctors in many different fields going “off the grid” as Obamacare draws near and the noose of bureaucratic micromanaging tightens on healthcare providers who fail to do what they are told by a panel of pencil pushers rather than do what is best for their patients. When I am feeling a little better, I plan to do some investigative blogging about this phenomenon.

And there’s nothing like a conservative woman, in pain, scorned – I have no doubt that she’ll latch onto this like a bulldog.

Now some may ask why Marianne would put herself out like this and make her pain public for all to see. Well, back in the old days we asked for help through institutions like family, churches, and communities. I have no idea what sort of familial support she has (aside from being married with children) or where she goes to church, but I do know that in this day and age the idea of community goes far beyond the boundaries of whatever place we live in.

Last night when I actually wrote this, right after I put up the widget in my sidebar, I took a moment to consider something I hadn’t really thought about. I link to about 80 other websites, and while most are local or Maryland-based, they are spread out all over the country. (By the way, Maryanne has me stomped insofar as links goes.) But I have only met the purveyors of maybe a dozen and a half in person, and communicated with perhaps a dozen others on a personal basis as opposed to leaving a comment. Yet I have this connection to them through the internet. The same goes for a surprisingly large number of my Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

So even if it’s not all that likely that one particular reader can be of assistance, there’s a fighting chance that someone who runs across this website can help “Zilla” out. And if not, that simply means you’re destined to be of assistance in some other fashion to someone else. Later this week I’ll revisit something I wrote about last month as part 2 happened over last weekend. A lot of people came to help out a perfect stranger most haven’t met.

And I’ll guarantee you that not all of them shared my political views, or most likely had that much in common with the family in need. But most of us are instilled with some desire to serve our fellow man and fortunately the rampant increase in government handouts passed around in this day and age hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm to help a person in need ourselves.

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  1. Thank you so much. You are int he blogroll now. I had tried to add you at the old place but Blogger hates me, I had to manually build the blogroll at the new place (there were over 400 links int he old blogroll) and some very good blogs may have been missed, such as yours. I need people who are missing from the blogroll to let me know, like you just did. 😉
    I am pretty sick today, but I may have located a doctor who might be able to help me. I will update my blog later today.
    Thanks again.

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