The need for education

I’m probably going to harp on this a couple more times in the next few days, but the Pew Research Group sent me an alarming statistic last week.

Data from the Pew Research Center on voter identification.Young voters 18-29, according to the data they used (an exit poll from NBC News), now consider themselves Democrats by a 45-29 margin.

I’ll grant that perhaps that’s a little bit of a dubious source, since we know that NBC is one network seriously in the tank for Barack Obama. But the huge liberal advantage of indoctrination through public (and some private) schools and the internet seems to be bearing fruit as far as the forces favoring expanded government are concerned.

It’s worthy of note, though, that minority voters are better represented among the youth group as are unmarried female voters. These groups have generally swayed to the Democrats, and having a larger sample may be part of the reason for the radical shift. Nor can the constant drumbeat of bad news about the Long War be discounted, as this age group has made the largest amount of sacrifice fighting Islamic terrorists.

That indoctrination thesis of mine may well be proven with another point the Pew researchers (Scott Keeter, Juliana Horowitz, and Alec Tyson) assert:

Young voters differ most from older voters in their liberal views on the proper scope of government. Nearly seven-in-ten (69%) of voters ages 18-29 favor an expanded role for government, agreeing that it should do more to solve problems; fewer (27%) say the government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals. Opinion on this question is more closely divided among older age cohorts and a narrow plurality of those age 45 and older says government is doing too much.

Where are the youths taught about the benefits of limited government? Simply put, they’re not.

Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to personally beat some sense into these youth, but I’m curious what others think about this trend. As I said, I’m going to return to the topic a couple times this week when I’m not playing reporter.

It’s just another challenge we on the Right face. But we can win it – yes we can!

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