As promised, here’s Sarah!

I told you folks when I found out about the pro-Palin ad, I’d put it up. Tonight you get to watch and enjoy.

The thing I like about the ad is that it’s (mostly) regular people, although I know the second woman is my interviewee Deborah Johns and the black guy is Lloyd Marcus. (Truthfully I remember his hat.) They were two of the three doing the October pro-Palin tour.

If I were to add my thanks to Sarah, it would have to be more than a few seconds. But I would say this.

Thank you, Sarah Palin, for giving the Republican Party, and more importantly the conservative movement, a voice in the most recent Presidential campaign. You were the focus of a lot of attention during that two month whirlwind where you graced the national stage, and you handled it well despite all the traps and pitfalls many who wished you ill laid out for you.

For bringing excitement to our ticket where the man who was nominated could not, we thank you.

Overall, I think it’s a good commercial in that it’s not overtly political but expresses the gratitude of a significant part of the nation. Good for the Our Country Deserves Better PAC to keep her in the limelight and provide a little counterweight to the “all Obama, all the time” news coverage.

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12 thoughts on “As promised, here’s Sarah!”

  1. That had the production values of a high school video. Please, please bring Palin back in 2012, it will be hilarious to see Republicans stumble all over themselves in the primaries because she would finally be subjected to questions more difficult than “what newspaper do you read?” Maybe something like: why is your husband a member of a secessionist political party? Or, why did you go to 6 different colleges? Or, where are your medical records? Or, how does it feel to shoot wolves from a helicopter? So many fun questions await, and it is a lot more difficult to dodge them when your fellow Republicans are asking them!

  2. Final Frontier,

    You are a typical liberal who has a double standard when it comes to conservative Republicans. If Gov Palin were a Democrat she would received so much scrutiny from the drive by media. So what she went to 6 different schools. The reason why elite of the GOP and the liberal socialist alike can’t stand Palin is because she is a big threat to their agenda. She is everywoman. As I mentioned before, the elites on both side of the aisle are threatened by those who stand up for their principles.

    Gov Palin give ’em hell!

  3. Maria,
    I don’t see Palin as a threat at all to my agenda, in fact, quite the opposite. When she is the spokesperson for the opposition, it makes my side look even better. Going to 6 different schools suggests a less than stellar academic career. Having a husband who belongs to a secessionist party suggests some wackiness in the house. Shooting wolves from a helicopter suggests a level of insensitivity. Not releasing medical forms suggests there might be something there. Not having the press (MSM or otherwise) ask ANY of these questions about Palin suggests that she got off easy this time around because everyone saw the poll numbers and knew she was going to end up a drag on McCain. Which principles did she stand by, by the way? Was it the Bridge to Nowhere (for it before she was against it)? Or the “everywoman” stance (well, except for all of those fancy clothes for herself and her entire family). Or was it her effort to grandstand at McCain’s concession speech, when she decided she should speak, was told “no,” and then arrived with her speech in hand hoping to still make it? Or maybe her principled stand was about not using negative campaigning–ooops, she blew that one! She has made a single principled stand in her life, and that is her admirable decision to have her child. That is to be applauded. Other than that, she is a typical politician but not as smart as most.

  4. Hey, I’m all for killing turkeys at Thanksgiving time. I know it’s the politically correct thing to do and politicians like to do meaningless stuff, but “pardoning” a turkey never made sense to me anyway.

    Hopefully Sarah picked one out while she was there, paid for it, and secured a nice freshly killed turkey for her Thanksgiving dinner next week.

    Are you a PETA person whose panties are all in a wad over having turkey for Thanksgiving? They don’t magically appear in the store, someone has to kill them.

    At least there’s someone with a job in Alaska, which shows Governor Palin’s doing something right.

  5. No PETA member here–I like tasty bacon. My point is this–any decent political organization is going to stop and say, “Umm . . . Sarah, how about we move the camera angle just a little bit so we don’t have the guy killing turkeys in the background?” It just shows a real lack of understanding of the political process. I know, I know, you guys are going to claim that is part of her charm. But it isn’t charming when images of a guy with blood-soaked pants stuffs a flailing turkey into some weird contraption that seems to wring its neck serves as the background to her interview. Nobody who watches that interview can do anything but watch the darn turkey jerking around in its last moments, and therefore everything she says is lost. It is just dumb, poor planning, and unprofessional.

  6. One more point–how many hungry kids could have been fed by this PAC? What a colossal waste of money during really tough economic times. It owuld be one thing to advocate for your candidate during a campaign, a real waste to use this money now.

  7. Maryland unemployment rate – 5.0%

    Alaska unemployment rate – 6.7%

    National Average – 6.5%


    You are correct. At least he HAS a job.

  8. I wonder what the Maryland unemployment rate is outside the areas where Fedzilla employees live.

    If Sarah Palin were the governor of Michigan (9.3% unemployment) that argument may fly better – oh yeah, they have a woman governor who’s a Democrat.

  9. Yeah, Michael–Michigan’s unemployment rate is due to their Democratic governor. It has nothing to do with their major industry. Duh.

  10. That’s sort of my point – what does Alaska’s unemployment rate have to do with how Sarah Palin governs, and especially with Maryland’s unemployment rate?

    By the way, the Maryland counties with the best unemployment rates are Howard, Montgomery, and Carroll – which to me suggests Fedzilla employees do help Maryland’s total to some extent. Worst are Baltimore City, Somerset, and Dorchester – two of the three are Eastern Shore counties.

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