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Here’s a group that will warm the hearts of those on my side who are sickened to see the garbage Alaska Governor Sarah Palin went through simply for accepting a place on the GOP ticket, including a number of stabs in the back from those supposedly on her side. I’m sure Deborah and her OCDB cohorts took great pleasure in making this announcement yesterday:

The New York Times has reported on their Caucus Blog about an upcoming television ad campaign thanking and defending the honor and character of Governor Sarah Palin.  The pro-Palin television ad campaign will air nationwide around the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

The pro-Palin ad campaign is a project of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee, which raised approximately $1.3 million during the general election to support the McCain/Palin ticket and oppose the Obama/Biden ticket.

The Our Country Deserves Better Committee will be filming the ad next Monday and had not planned to announce the new ad campaign until around the time of the film shoot or post-production of the ad.  However, a reporter for the New York Times is on the committee’s email list, and when she contacted the organization, we decided to cooperate with the Times.

The ad is being produced specifically to honor, thank and defend Gov. Sarah Palin in the wake of several unfavorable media reports which included criticism from anonymous sources.

The members and supporters of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee have been impressed with Gov. Palin’s honor, candor and dignity during the recent presidential campaign.  We applaud the way in which she has generally articulated her conservative viewpoints with an optimistic and hopeful style similar to President Ronald Reagan.

I think that was much of Palin’s appeal, she did come through in a homespun, plain-talking style similar to the Gipper, yet with enough self-confidence to allow Tina Fey to poke fun at her. And OCDB spokesman Joe Wierzbicki is correct in his assessment that this is a bid to allow Palin to have the largest number of options available to her for any future political runs. (I would guess first on Sarah’s agenda is keeping her job in 2010; certainly the Democrats will attempt to find a hardnosed candidate not afraid to sling the mud at her.)

Joe also added:

So now the world is watching — let us show the media and the rest of this nation how many Americans stand in solidarity with Sarah Palin for being a dignified, gracious, kind-hearted, public servant who is not ashamed to express her conservative values with an aura of optimism and hopefulness for America’s future.

Pop culture has devolved to the point where it’s cool to make fun of those who aren’t afraid to express traditional American values. Sarah Palin didn’t come to the Presidential race with the traditional inside-the-Beltway pedigree, and that fact seemed to frighten the punditry once it was figured out that Americans were embracing her rather than the worldview those elites wished to impart on us.

Deborah Johns, recent national tourist for a pro-Palin campaign, also weighed in:

The liberals want to destroy this woman to prevent her from ever having a future as a conservative leader, and it is because Palin is a conservative that they are so vengeful and hateful in their attacks.  These attacks first began right after Palin was announced as John McCain’s running mate — remember how they tried to insinuate that Palin lied about the true mother of her son, Trig?

The attacks kept up throughout the campaign, and have intensified ever since election day.  (Sarah’s been subjected to) attacks generated by far left radicals from websites such as DailyKos, Democratic Underground, and Huffington Post. (The comments on this ABC News story are just one example – ed.)  Friends, if we as conservatives won’t stand in Palin’s defense, then who will?  Are we going to sit back and just allow the Left to destroy this incredible, honest, upstanding conservative?


Thank you for your support of Gov. Sarah Palin.  Please understand that I feel a special kinship with this outstanding woman, because she’s not just a great American, she’s not just an upstanding conservative, but she’s also a fellow Blue Star Mom who taught her son that to serve in the U.S. military is an honorable, noble cause, just as I taught my Recon Marine son, William.

I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit back and do nothing while the far-Left tries to destroy this woman.

I’m not going to stand for it either; of course, you can bet that I’ll be putting the spot up here once I get a hold of it. The people of Alaska will be the final judge on Sarah Palin in two years and it’s my hope they’ll take a look at what she’s accomplished for their fellow citizens and not focus on the hatred her conservative views seemed to dredge up among the elitists in the lower 48.

As for Our Country Deserves Better, they have done pretty well in a short time to have that kind of e-mail list. Oh no, I have something in common with the New York Times?!? Well, I suspect I started with these fine people first so perhaps the Times is trying to catch up with the curve.

All kidding aside, the fact that a conservative group isn’t hunkering down to wait out the next four years is refreshing to hear. I don’t plan on dropping my offensive either, because my views are nothing to be ashamed of and neither are Sarah’s.

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  1. Sarah Palin is a great spokesperson for the Republican Party, but she was not, by any stretch of the imagination, qualified to serve as VPOTUS.

    Governor of Alaska is a nice title, but the total general election votes in that state were less than the votes in the 1st District Congressional election. She might make a great U.S. Senator for Alaska, but it will be at least ten years (if ever) before she should even be considered a viable candidate for the top of the ticket.

  2. Palin is more qualified than the top of the Democratic ticket. In your first paragraph you prove that you cannot think for yourself. Regurgitation is an involuntary reflex and except for birds and some denizens of the monkey house at the local zoo is considered distasteful. Why don’t you just write “Change,” or “I’m a brainless twit”?

    Yet, as I leave the first graph thinking, “one must first demonstrate that they have an imagination…,” I encounter what appears to be an original thought. Governor of Alaska..nice title…what does it have to do with the voting in the first district? It doesn’t matter, let him\her play at political punditry, it might improve his\her imagination.

    Why don’t you use your real name so I don’t have to do this him\her thing? Do you have a real name? See I have a real AND a blog. Why am I wasting time this morning picking apart an idiot who thinks he knows something about American politics? A “great U.S. Senator FOR (?) Alaska…?” but a bad VP FOR the United States?

    Look just get back to me on the “total [number of] geneneral election votes…were less than the [total number of] votes….” I know there is a coherent thought there somewhere.

  3. Thanks, but no thanks!

    Palin’s proper position is way up north looking at Russia from her house. Don’t call us, Sarah, we’ll call you.

    PS- If the caller is named Katie, refuse to accept the charges, please.

  4. You guys are hilarious–do you think you would have felt the need to “defend the honor” of a male candidate? Why not put out ads defending McCain from the harsh treatment of a national election? After all the crazy stuff that was said about Obama, do you see people taking out ads to “defend his honor”? Or Clinton? Or Romney? Or Giuliani? Toughen up! If she cannot handle a couple of lousy interviews and some SNL skits, she surely cannot handle being at the top of the ticket next time around. She won’t even make it through the primaries.

  5. Apparently Republicans are still the party of chivalry.

    Whether she makes it through the primaries next time should be up to us to decide. We’ll determine whether we think her proper position is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and by that time we’ll have four years of the socialistic Obama agenda to run against, along with countering any votes which might be found in a car trunk.

  6. Sarah is the most intelligent, qualified and talented candidate the Republicans have for 2012. Se far exceeds any other potential candidate the GOP is even thinking about.

    You better not let this chance slip past you.

    One question. Why does this little group with a few bucks raised for the 2008 election, have any of it left? Did they raise money under false pretense and not spend it as promised? Did the contributors know they were part of the Palin “liberal media elite beat down” reputation resurection campaign?

  7. I think the people in Minn pretty much thumped down that rumor and lie about ballots found in a car trunk.

    Even the local Republicans know it was BS.

  8. So if I adhere to Shore Things line of reasoning, I am to assume that only members of the Democrat Party who are inexperienced are acceptable for high office, eh?

  9. Mono Mike:

    Snap out of it, please.

    Four years hence Palin will have a conservative talk show or be a presenter on Entertainment Tonight, even if Obama does not have a second term.

  10. SmashPach #6:

    Because they didn’t stop fundraising after the election.


    Why should I snap out of it? If Palin keeps the GOP base motivated for the next four years that’s a good thing.

  11. Swampcritter, you can detect a line of reasoning in Shorethingy’s post? Please share this discovery so I can properly ridicule him\her.

  12. SmashPach: If you read the link to the New York Times report on our effort you’ll see that we’ve been soliciting our members to make contributions to fund the pro-Palin ad campaign, and we will continue to do so up through the airing of the TV ad campaign.

    In the first few days over 1,000 of our members had made a donation and that number continues to grow.

    Please make no mistake about this: the goal of those who were trashing Palin (including sadly a few McCain campaign insiders who were resentful of Palin) was to destroy her future by painting her as dumb, naive, reckless, rogue, incapabale, etc…

    The media happily promoted those attacks, and they would be more than happy to see this conservative leader marginalized.

    That’s the reason we are doing what we are doing. We believe that Gov. Palin was a remarkable voice for conservative ideals, and conducted herself in such a dignified and upstanding way.

    Just as Obama’s supporters were smart to always respond to any attempts to question or criticize Barack, so we too have learned that it is vitally important to rally around a leader like Gov. Palin when she comes under attack.

    It’s the first step towards taking back the country – and our government – in 2010 and 2012.

  13. How come Sarah Palin could not name a single newspaper she read? How many colleges did she go to before graduating? Why was the first answer in her debate something along the lines of “I’m not going to answer the questions you are asking, I’m going to answer in my own way”? the answers to all of the above: she is not particularly smart. She is definitely skilled in interpersonal communications, but she is not a smart, worldly woman. And Michael, do you think our enemies would bother to be chivalrous?

  14. Our enemies aren’t chivalrous, that’s why I would have preferred to keep the adults in charge.

    This is a little bit of an apples to oranges comparison, but in many ways Sarah Palin has the same sort of background Ronald Reagan did – neither groomed themselves to be politicians like, say, Barack Obama.

    Reagan was a “B” movie actor who eventually became head of the actors’ union then was talked into running for Governor of California by a select few wealthy backers who thought he would be a great candidate against Pat Brown.

    Sarah Palin simply decided to give back to her community by running for office, and I’m sure many of the establishment politicians dismissed her because she wasn’t a pedigreed politician, sort of like Reagan’s critics dismissed him as a washed-up actor. We know Reagan’s legacy, perhaps Palin has that same horse-sense.

    Let’s put it this way – Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar as I recall. Did he make the smartest decisions while in office or did he tarnish the reputation of it by chasing skirts? Common sense should tell you that something like that isn’t going to remain a secret in the fishbowl that is Washington.

  15. Final Frontier: Re: what newspapers Sarah Palin reads, she has explained it’s not that she didn’t know the newspapers or magazines she reads. She took the question from Katie Couric as being a suggestion since Gov. Palin was up in Alaska that she might not be exposed to the same news sources as those in the Lower 48.

    I think Couric was trying to find out what are the daily sources of news and information that Gov. Palin seeks out to inform herself about the world.

    Palin’s misunderstanding of the nature of the question (and taking it as a hostile insinuation that somehow Palin might be a rube who doesn’t follow the goings on in the world the same that those who come from New York or Washington D.C.) caused her to be taken aback. If you go back and look at her answer to that question it will explain why her response was basically “any and all of them, the same as everyone else.”

    This is a woman who chased down Greta Van Susteren several years ago at some convention. To suggest that she doesn’t read/follow the news is ludicrous… how would she know who Greta was?

    A friend of Track’s told a reporter a story about going over to the Palin house for dinner sometimes and seeing Sarah Palin watching the evening news and “taking notes.”

    Unfortunately, a series of unanswered negatives were never properly addressed by the McCain team about Palin, and thus allowed to linger and take on a notion of truth. This is why Palin has been doing so many interviews now, to rehabilitate her reputation so that these things don’t stand uncorrected (including knowledge of Africa, NAFTA, etc…)

    It’s really appalling when you go through all these things that were thrown at Palin that were never true (including that she somehow requested the $150,000 wardrobe).

    Two things I will say that she didn’t have good answers to, but keep in mind they aren’t that troubling to me, but were indeed things she was not prepared to answer:

    1. Supreme Court cases she disagreed with.
    2. Specific examples of John McCain’s record as a maverick in the Senate.

    I think that in the situation of being stressed in the interview, and probably not having a deep knowledge of either area to begin with, she was not able to instantly recall details to answer those questions.

    That is unfortunate, but if that’s the worst that can be said about Sarah Palin, then she’s fine in my book!

  16. Final Frontier, You folks must be quaking at the prospect of Sarah Palin, to be “dissin” her this much when your man Obama is not even behind the big desk yet. I was expecting more crowing, (or should I say I say braying? After all a rooster crows, and an ass brays…) are you already having misgivings?

  17. Not sweating it out at all–in fact, I sincerely hope you guys put Palin into the mix in 4 years–it will be great comedy! We’ll have the fun of watching the “chivalrous” Republicans go after her in the primaries–maybe one of them will ask about her separatist party husband (surely a more direct connection than Ayres and Obama).

  18. Joe,

    Fair enough on fundraising.

    Sarah Palin is the smartest, most experienced and talented potential candidate the GOP has on its bench.

    If you think an ad campaign that serves to do little more to resurect the image that’s been set for her is the right thing to do, by all means raise and spend the money.

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