Taking it to the streets

I had two intriguing items drop into my e-mail box today and I thought I’d share them. The first one boggles the mind when I think of the sheer numbers they’re attempting to achieve. It’s from a group called Watch Obsession.

Homes in over 100 major American cities are receiving DVD copies of the film Obsession – Radical Islam’s War Against the West starting today.

The Clarion Fund will deliver millions of copies of the DVD during the next month to homes across America.

This is the second phase of a nationwide initiative to inform the American people about the threat of Radical Islam to America, including its efforts to incorporate Islamic fundamentalist Shariah law which would negate a wide range of Constitutional laws and rights.

At the beginning of August tens of thousands of copies were distributed at both the Democratic and Republican conventions.  Additional tens of thousands were nationally distributed in publications including National Review, Chronicle of Higher Education, the New York Times and others.

The Obsession initiative is one of the largest distributions ever undertaken of a film to individual households because officials at the Clarion Fund believe the issues addressed in the film are critically important.

Obsession demonstrates in graphic detail what can happen in a nation when it ignores the troubling symptoms of the influences of Radical Islam and its efforts to sneak Shariah principles into local and state laws,” said Watch Obsession.Org national chairman Tom Trento.

Obsession offers details and documentation of story after story about secretive and often violent efforts to spread Islam throughout Europe and here in America. Every American should know the lessons taught by this important film.

This film is not a blanket condemnation of all Muslims. Many moderate Muslims have been intimidated into silence by lawless and violent cells of extreme jihadists who are now operating in America and throughout the world.”

Perhaps the bid is on the heavy-handed side, but if anyone who is reading this has seen the movie I’d love to get your take on it. There were people locally who were at either the Democratic or Republican conventions so perhaps they have the DVD and have scoped it out. You don’t have to read the news too deeply to know that there are some radical Islamists who behave just as Trento notes. Who knows, if the movie’s not overly long perhaps it would be good to show at our Republican Club meeting in lieu of a speaker. I doubt that The Clarion Fund would mind.

It is worthy of note though that Watchobsession.org and The Clarion Fund are separate entities, as the Watchobsession people make clear here. A little more background on the newly-formed Watch Obsession group is in this Bradenton (FL) Herald story by Maura Possley.

And then I have the story of another woman who wants to tell hers. Deborah Johns is sort of the anti-Cindy Sheehan with the exception that her son is still living and serving. But she’s a little bit perturbed that Barack Obama is picking on her fellow Blue Star Mom, Sarah Palin:

I’m Deborah Johns, proud mother of a U.S. Marine who has already served three tours of duty in Iraq.  I’m fighting mad about the repeated acts of disrespect by Barack Obama towards our troops, and now I’m madder than a wet hornet that Obama is disrespecting our nation’s FIRST Blue Star Mom candidate for Vice President, Gov. Sarah Palin.

I’m now working with the Our Country Deserves Better committee on two projects to defeat Barack Obama:  television ad campaigns in key swing states, and plans for a national “Stop Obama” tour across the country.

I’m willing to give up 2 weeks of my life to go on the road to speak to the local news media in key cities across America, if you all will be willing to help us fund this trip.

(I snipped the financial appeal. You can donate to her sponsoring PAC here if you like.)

Please work with us in our efforts to DEFEAT Barack Obama. I will never forgive Obama for how he has repeatedly undercut our troops. I’ve even appeared in a television ad that outlines just some of Obama’s betrayals:

While I don’t think Salisbury is one of those key cities on her 2 week tour, she would be an interesting interview for our local media. (If they don’t do it, I will. I could come up with Ten Questions, that’s what I do sometimes.) So I think I’ll ask, the worst she can do is say no.

Tomorrow I’m going to shift gears to a more local issue that doesn’t involve a political action committee insofar as I know.

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