The day to support our troops

I brought this up a few days back, but today is the day that the patriots of Move America Forward will take up a little bandwidth with their effort to send 100,000 (or more) care packages to our soldiers serving abroad. The internetathon, dubbed “From The Front Lines”, runs from 4 to midnight our time and will be co-hosted by internet/TV personality and writer Michelle Malkin along with former radio host and occasional WorldNetDaily columnist Melanie Morgan. Special appearances will be made by a Who’s Who of conservative talkers including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, and Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Writer Ann Coulter will also be along to get herself a little face time, probably without getting a pie thrown at her.

You’ll be able to watch this attempt for history at, or if you prefer, the HotAir website. Even if you don’t watch the proceedings, it’s still a good cause and having checked into this process not too expensive to send a care package across the miles and show the American soldier we’re still behind him. I’ll certainly take the time and do so.

However, I also encourage you to take a few moments after 7 p.m. and check out this week’s Shorebird of the Week. Yep, had to throw in the shameless plug.

Check this out on Thursday, June 26th - 4 to 12 p.m. Eastern.

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