Two favors to ask

As you know, recently I had a rash of spam comments and installed a program to combat them. What I didn’t realize until yesterday was that I installed it incorrectly (misnamed the directory) and I have no idea if any comments could get through. Hopefully I didn’t turn anyone off because I was ignoring their comments, on my end there was nothing in the queue so I didn’t know they were out there. That and factor in I was away for 24 hours.

So if someone out there could leave a comment or two for me to see when I return to check the queue (and also e-mail me when you do so, the address is above), I’d truly appreciate it. I know I have the program installed correctly now (it tells me so on my WordPress “dashboard”), thus it should be just a matter of tweaking the settings and that’s why I need to get a few comments as a check.

My second favor is to read the three-part series where I’m going to talk about economic stimulus tonight through Wednesday night (and if you like it, tell your friends!) This promises to be commentary that inspires thought and discussion the right way, not through overt solicitation. I just need the overt stuff to make sure that my anti-spam program works properly.

Late edit: Elbert told me that the message he got was:

Sorry, there was an error. Please enable JavaScript and Cookies in your browser and try again.

That may be the solution for those of you leaving comments because this particular program uses those aspects to filter out the bot spam.

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8 thoughts on “Two favors to ask”

  1. According to your comments, (or the lack thereof) in even your most recent posts, it doesn’t, (IMO) look like that’s the problem. You should at least respond to this comment so it appears like there are actually more and maybe people will start saying something then? You know how it works Michael. Throw the Joe Albero name into the ring and the comments start flying. Enjoy!


  2. Of course I had no comments, that was the problem. Normally I have at least something in the queue to go through but a couple people informed me they tried to comment and it wouldn’t go through!

    Why are you worried about the number of comments I have anyway? At least when you leave comments I don’t delete them, as I’ve noticed you have with mine on occasion.

    By the way, it appears that the spam problem I was having has subsided and I’m back to a fairly normal number, which stack up on my Akismet Spam screen.

  3. Michael, Michael, Michael!

    I’ll REPEAT myself again, INFLUENTIAL? Side step all you want, your Blog is not influential.

    As for me deleting your comments, thanks for letting me know you’re posting anonymously and also making negative comments and bad mouthing me personally. I’ll close with, try counting the amount of comments I get daily, it probably averages more than 100 per day. Nevertheless, at least I can afford to delete comments while you get what Michael, 5 comments a week on a good week?

    Yeah, you’re influential all right! I delete in one day more comments than you get in probably a year!Thinkaboutit!

  4. First of all…I rarely comment anonymously, maybe once out of a hundred and on your site I generally have no need to; besides I take enough time running my site that I don’t have the time to write out dozens of comments. I’m certainly not afraid of sharing my opinion as you probably know.

    My website is certainly not as influential as I’d like it to be, but if you’re happy being the big frog in the little pond more power to you. Considering I don’t go out of my way to cheat the system to raise my rankings (even though you seem to imply that I do), what I receive is pretty fair I think.

  5. OK, let me try this instead. Do YOU actually believe you’re more influential that any, (if not all) of the Bloggers on BNN? It’s a fair question.

  6. Well, let’s see.

    First of all, the rankings are supposed to be for “influential political blogs.” While I do post other content, the large majority of my posts remain of a political nature – on the other hand there are others who do much less in the field, yours would be one. With the contributors you’ve added Salisbury News isn’t all that political anymore, IMHO. But I’d say there’s only 3 to 4 blogs listed this week that really wouldn’t qualify as political. It helps to post regularly too.

    Secondly, I do check readership from time to time and at any given time I’m in the middle of the pack, sometimes upper quarter. As I’ve said before, there’s several in BNN I know have many more readers than me but that’s not the sole factor.

    Finally, I think I have the respect of my peers, and that’s what’s important.

    The short answer to your question is yes – maybe not all of them, but certainly several of them.

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