Weekend of local rock volume 9

Normally I put these posts on the weekend but with my heavy political posting schedule I decided to wait until now and take a break from the political for a day. Besides, it’s Valentine’s Day and one thing I love is the local music scene.

So last Friday I was enjoying three local bands, beginning with my good friends from Semiblind making a semirare Salisbury appearance.

You should know these guys, I write about them a lot. On this song Jim is singing.

From what I was told, this was pretty much a last-minute thing for them. Thus, they drew the opening slot and they got off to a late start because of some sound issues at the Monkey Barrel. Still they played a good set, which to my pleasure was mostly their originals. They do justice to most of the covers they play (like the Black Sabbath classic “War Pigs” in this case) but I really dig the stuff they wrote for themselves.

No completely gratuitous Michelle shot this time. I'm only giving them two pics today since it's not like they haven't been here before!

So if these guys put out a CD anytime soon, I’ll be the one looking to buy it, toss it in my car CD player, roll down the windows, and crank that sumbitch up! (Let’s hope this is in July, though.)

Next up was a local band I’d kinda sorta seen before called Boats to Tangier. If my memory serves they played at Salisbury’s Riverfest last September but I was working a booth at the time and didn’t hear much of them.

This is one shot I took from the front. You know, it's really hard to get a picture of these guys because they're a five-piece band.

I believe this may have been a first for me, seeing a rock band with a piano playing a bar. Usually bands I see have the normal guitar, bass, drums, singer setup but these guys are different. Certainly that element gives them a unique sound. And the young lady with the nice voice singing about ghosts and zombies doesn’t hurt the uniqueness factor either.

By the end of their set, there were cage dancers to stage right behind the pianist.

I don’t know how or why, but somehow this worked leading into the next band, Goatbag.

This cast of characters is the band known around these parts as Goatbag.

To the right of the shot you can see that the mosh pit begins when Goatbag takes the stage.

I don’t think just listening to the band on Myspace or buying one of their CD’s gives you the full experience. They put on a show to be sure, and not only were the guys in the mosh pit in front of the stage digging it, so were these young ladies.

These two young ladies were probably a little sore in the morning.

Goatbag is definitely a band with aggressive, sledgehammer riffs and I can deal with that once in awhile. Because of the sound problems early on I think their show was cut short a little bit. But they seem to be a fairly regular presence at the Monkey Barrel venue and Seaford’s CC-22 club, playing a lot with local bands in a similar vein like Hard$ell and Falling From Failure so it’s not like one couldn’t see them a lot if desired.

Aaaaaah, that was fun. Back to politics tomorrow.

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