Just a reminder…

Yep, back on the radio again come 3:00. It’s WICO-AM, 1320 on the radio dial. And since John has a bad habit of FORGETTING to give out the phone number, it’s (410) 742-1320.

Also, as I predicted about a week or so ago, I moments ago walked out to my mailbox and, lo and behold, there was a letter from Congressman Gilchrest. I have not sat down and read it in full; however, glancing at the contents it looks like his excuses for voting with the Democrats to withdraw from Iraq. Maybe I’ll bring it to the studio with me. Regardless, I’ll be posting it later tonight since it IS a public document, official business (according to the envelope.)

So be listening and call in!

Author: Michael

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2 thoughts on “Just a reminder…”

  1. ONE Caller Michael, that’s it. I missed some of the show but I believe that’s all he got. That being said, it was one of my guys that did call and he SLAMMED John! BAM!

    Seriously though Mike, I wish he’d shut his mouth and let you just flat out speak. I don’t want to hear his freakin opinion, especially when he has Guests on his Show.

    When is that IDIOT going to finally get it?

  2. I should say he slammed Gilchrest but with John’s big mouth in support of Gilchrest, John was thrown into the back seeat, spanked and put in time out!

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