Hail Mary for al-Qaeda?

Imagine this scenario.

You and some friends are sitting down watching Super Bowl XL, along with 90 million others in the U.S. and tens of millions more globally.

Just as the referee signals touchdown on the first score of the game, several deafening “booms!” are heard and the cheers of the assembled crowd turn to screams of agony and panic as it dawns on the audience both at Ford Field and on television worldwide that four homicide bombers scattered around the arena have blown themselves up and rained the shrapnel of their bombs through a large part of the crowd. Hundreds, maybe thousands, are killed or maimed – even some of the unfortunate players on the field.

Chaos ensues as people try to flee the scene and jam the Ford Field exits. The local trauma centers and emergency rooms are no match for the casualty count. The remainder of Super Bowl XL is cancelled and a shocked NFL, along with the Detroit area and federal law enforcement agencies, is left to wonder how this could have happened despite the heavy security. The break comes when a wounded survivor recalls seeing one of the bombers dressed in the usual garb of a stadium vendor.

A similar event almost happened at a University of Oklahoma game. What if someone trusted by the people around Ford Field had dreamed of a terrorist attack since the awarding of Super Bowl XL to Detroit 3 years ago? That’s not far from the timetable for planning the 9/11 attacks, and a homicide bombing is easier to prepare for than simultaneously hijacking 4 airliners.

Other nightmarish scenarios could involve a surface-to-air missile taking down a inbound airliner to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, leaving it to crash in some populated area, or the ghastly thought of a small nuclear device well-hidden within the bowels of Ford Field or even in its dormant next-door neighbor, Comerica Park. A number dialed to a waiting disposable cel phone could trigger the device. Either scenario could result in thousands of casualties.

There’s several points that have been raised or are known facts that lead me to believe that it’s not totally the impossible doomsday scenario that one might think. Consider these factors:

1. Possibly the largest Arab-American population center in the country is the area around Detroit. According to the Census Bureau, Wayne County, Michigan (Detroit’s home county) has the largest Arab-American percentage of any county in the nation at 2.7 percent. It doesn’t seem like a large number, but think of it this way: where would a member of an al-Qaeda sleeper cell best be able to assimilate into the local population? Additonally, there are many African-Americans who consider themselves Islamic, and the Detroit area has its share of mosques. Quite possibly one there may subscribe to the radical Islam of the Wahhabists. And the entire purpose of a sleeper cell is to get into the local customs and gain the trust of the local population. Perhaps a worker bringing his lunchbag into Ford Field for his day’s work could be working with others to bring materials in.

2. As opposed to a city like Jacksonville last year, Detroit has the unique problem of being a border city. Two major border crossings occur within a short radius of Ford Field. Obviously it’s not prudent to completely seal the borders before the game, as commerce must continue on both sides of the border. But who knows what could be brought across from Canada as traffic increases in the days before the game?

3. Another problem for security is that Detroit is a cold-weather city. The mean temperature for Detroit on an average February 5th is 27 degrees. Most people will be wearing coats or other bulky layers of clothing as they wait in the security lines to get in. Not only that, most arriving workers will be as well, and it’s possible they could avert security. A team of accomplices could leave a gate “open” to slip in the necessary items needed on game day, and a person wearing a heavy coat on a 25 degree day is far from suspicious. Plus, someone in a sleeper cell would most likely have a “clean” background check, thus no questions would be raised with any moderately different behavior.

4. Right now there’s plenty of events going on in downtown Detroit where large gatherings would allow people to mix into the crowds and work without as much suspicion. Currently the North American International Auto Show is being held at Cobo Arena in downtown Detroit. Nearby at Joe Louis Arena the Detroit Red Wings have four home games remaining before the Super Bowl, all of which will likely have capacity crowds. Also featured at “the Joe” on the two nights preceding the Super Bowl will be sold-out concerts by Detroit native Kid Rock.

5. Finally, a pattern has been noted in the timing of al-Qaeda videos and subsequent attacks. The last of the latest pair of videos was released January 6, and an earlier e-mail referred to an attack in the “land of the Romans.” Most would point to Italy as the target, especially with the upcoming Winter Olympics, but al-Qaeda’s not known for being obvious, and what’s a known feature about Super Bowls? They’re identified by Roman numerals.

I understand it all sounds like the black helicopter crowd has sucked me in. But I think the security this year needs to be redoubled and extra steps need to be taken, especially in light of all the other events in downtown Detroit and the area’s larger-than-average Islamic makeup. Ford Field and Comerica Park need to be checked out top to bottom on a daily basis from here on out, plus all of the TV trucks and other temporary shelters that come with the Super Bowl.

I pray that this post is completely without merit and none of us gets to see the pagentry of Super Bowl XL turned to tragedy in a manner described above. But nobody expected that when they went to work on September 11, 2001 they’d be witness to the horror perpetrated on lower Manhattan, and the jubilant celebrations that occurred in the Middle East upon hearing the news.

It’s just another reminder that vigilance remains the watchword and the War on Terror doesn’t end until all of al-Qaeda is sent to see their 72 virgins, preferably taking as few good Americans with them as possible.

Author: Michael

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8 thoughts on “Hail Mary for al-Qaeda?”

  1. By the way… one thing that fascinates me to no end, when I am thinking about Islam and Al Queda and us, is their origin. I don’t know how familiar you are with Biblical stories, but if you trace the geneaology of Israel and Islam all the way back, they go back to Isaac and Ishmael, the sons of Abraham of the Bible. Isaac was the “blessed” son, and from him came the nation of Israel. Ishmael was born of Abraham’s wife’s handmaiden, and therefore was not blessed, and from him came the nation of Islam.

    It’s so strange to think that two nations, so different, came from the same source.

  2. The 2 miners who are trapped brings back that whole discussion we were having a couple of weeks ago about mining. It’s a dangerous occupation – maybe not the most dangerous but still not one that I would choose.

  3. Tidy Bowl, actually Ishmael and his mother, Hagar, WERE
    not only saved by God but BLESSED by Him! God told Hagar
    that her son, Ishmael, would become the father of a great
    people, which he did. Ishmael’s decendents and Isaac’s
    decendents are blood related.

  4. Michael, your scenario IS very plausible, indeed. But let’s not
    forget our own government’s involvement in the events of 9-11.
    Yes, I’m one of the MANY people that doesn’t trust Bush and his gang
    of hooligans! May I recommend you check out, http://signs-of-the-times.org/signs/Above_Top_Secret_article.htm and draw your own
    conclusions there. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts,
    you may email me directly, if you wish, at, jez_84@hotmail.com

  5. Michael, your scenario is very possible. Listen to Gossimer. Don’t believe all the racist bullshita about terorits …our own government are the terrorists. Review the online evidence — tons of it — that 911 was a sham, that the buildings were detonated. 911 was a BIG LIE …. bombs, demolition (start with trying to understsna why building 7 fell when it was never touched by a plane).

    Bush and his cronies will use the Superbowl for the next terrorist attack, so that they can declare martial law and take away the rights of Americans. All those suspected to be “terrorists”– read, those who oppose, or question the goverment, will be sent to concentration camps, already built in the US.

    Don’t trust the government. There are not terrorist cells etc. Bin Laden works for the CIA and was contrived as the evil enemy to scare the US people. Bush wants a military state so he can rule us with a fist, and draft mboys into the war, to gear up a really big war machine, just as Hitler did.

  6. OK. Here’s a more esoteric reason for concern. The astrology chart of the US and Bin Laden’s charts are lighting up like Christmas trees from hell the week of the Super Bowl. Uranus is Square the US radix Uranus and Bin Laden has Mars conjunct radix Mars; with Uranus right on his Midheaven indicating martial,explosive eactions. These are textbooks signs.Any astrologers out there know EXACTLY what I am talking about. That these dovetail with the video pattern the think-tanks are seeing and the Super Bowl is not a happy circumstance. Mars in Bin Laden’s chart of 1958 and Mars transiting this very week are both near the fixed star “Algol”- a malevolent asterism which in the east is known as ‘piled up corpses’. On a clear night go out and find mars-the reddish star nearest it is Algol. An evil omen now. Astrology is a sacred,prophetic pursuit. With it the Magi found Jesus. BTW Arabs are big into astrology and it’;s possible Bin Laden is aware of the very transits I have cited herein and believes the times are propitious for an attack. Another ‘real-world factor to consider. Pray that God will have mercy on us all and that this celestial ‘window’ will pass without incident.

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