2008 White House Christmas Card

With the recent election I may not get another one for awhile, so I’ll enjoy once again getting the card from George W. and Laura Bush this year. Wonder if the DNC picks up the tab next year?

The inside of this year's White House Christmas, once again with a Scripture verse.

I think the picture came out well enough for the greeting, but the Scripture verse may be too small. This time it’s Matthew 5:16:

Let your light shine before men,
that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

I particularly like the picture on the outside, which is a slightly stylized view southward off the Truman Balcony toward the Washington Monument. Especially pretty is the depiction of a colorful setting sun sky in this Christmastime scene of a snowy Washington.

The 'photo' on the outside of the card is actually an oil-on-linen painting by artist T. Allen Lawson.

I guess the setting sun is appropriate as the final Bush term comes to a close. Regardless, I’m pleased to share this with others who may not be fortunate enough to be on the list.

So what if I get more complaints from someone about Google searches.

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14 thoughts on “2008 White House Christmas Card”

  1. I also got a card yesterday. It was very nice and I knew it wasn’t a hoax because of the raised Presidential seal. Just curious if anyone knows how they determine who gets on the list????

  2. Michael, I, too, have been receiving the Christmas card from George and Laura each year. I feel blessed and honored. Received my last one just yesterday. Will miss the thrill of knowing what the special envelope brings, but I cherish the ones I have.

  3. Nice card…I guess mine was lost in the mail ! LOL!

    Seriously, you should keep this card as a collector’s item.

  4. To Judith:

    WOW! Your son is a good artist, it looks like a photograph to me. Your son painted every details
    of the scene.

  5. Judith:

    I like seeing a proud mom. Since you’re familiar with how the painting came about, was this something commissioned or was there a competition for the honor?

    I tell you, Claire, when I first looked at the card front I thought it was a photo as well, slightly doctored for softer focus. I could see that sky as a watercolor wash, but in oil paint – wow!

    Having seen old architectural drawings done on linen, that’s no easy medium to work with either.

  6. We received our card last night, right after we returned home from the Alumni/Student Art Show at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. We are so very proud and happy for Tim to have this honor. Tim attended Lyme Academy and will always be remembered for the excellence and beauty of his work. Several years ago his exhibition of paintings revisiting the Lewis and Clark expedition were shown in the Lyme Academy Gallery and they were stunning. Having his painting selected for this year’s card is a perfect tribute to such a talented artist.

  7. I just found out this evening that my cousin Tim Lawson painted the White House Christmas Card for 2008. We always knew Tim had outstanding talent as an artist, and we are so happy for him and that so many people will be able to enjoy his work. From his family in Ohio we can’t say enough how very proud of Tim we are!!! I only wish I was on the “White House list”

  8. Interesting that the name of the talent behind the painting wasn’t mentioned when describing the White House Christmas Card. Judith, your son has earned the respect of students, friends and patrons alike. You are so right to be proud of him. He is amazing!

  9. Marla,

    I mentioned the artist’s name in the caption of the picture. Just hold the mouse over it and you’ll see that I gave him credit there.

  10. Someday I hope to receive a White House Christmas Card. This years is so lovely, Thank You for sharing with us. Happy New Year.

  11. Each year we have received a card from President and Mrs. George Bush. We have a foyer graced and framed by each card. This year (2008) we did not receive a card.
    Please advise how we can receive this beautiful card.

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