Photos from McCain rally in Woodbridge, VA

No, I can’t be two places at once. But while I was working in our booth at the Autumn Wine Festival, Maria Ialacci, a good friend of mine, was showing her support for John McCain at a rally this afternoon in Woodbridge, Virginia. I spoke with her earlier this evening and she was excited about having gone to the event. Of course, when I found out she had pictures I asked about using them here and she was happy to share.

Maria sent along fourteen photos and a silent video clip, I’m using nine photos and decided the clip wasn’t much good without the sound (too bad because it looked pretty exciting.) Most of the photos are of the various signs which were there, but I do have two good ones I’ll place at the end.

As I like to do, the caption will tell the stories.

I bet there's a lot more of these than there are Republicans for Obama. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

If you can't read the bricks at the bottom, they say I - work - hard - for - my - $ - $ - $. The sign to the right reads 'Rose the Teacher', so Joe's theme is catching on. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

Another blue-collar worker getting in on the act, just don't tell the construction workers' union about him. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

I have to ask - do you think this guy's name is Joe? Naaaaah. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

Obviously this guy didn't care much for Barack Obama's plans either. I will admit that a flag that size would be too large for a lapel pin. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

All the talking points on a sign well-suited for holding in one hand. She definitely gets the message across. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

Yes, this overplays the Islamic angle but the hammer and sickle isn't all that far off. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

Ok, you saw a lot of signs there. But there were speakers too.

Virginia's GOP candidate for United States Senate, Jim Gilmore. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

Maria got to meet Mr. Gilmore, unfortunately she can’t vote for him because she lives here in Maryland. But she was impressed and excited nonetheless.

Maria told me that she thought John McCain looked better in person and I'm inclined to agree. I'm also a bit jealous because she got closer to him than I got to George W. Bush in 2000 (and I didn't have my camera then.) Photo by Maria Ialacci.

For someone who’s not a blogger or professional photographer, I thought Maria did a very nice job covering this event (even though I didn’t ask her to.) So I want to thank her for sharing and showing her support for John McCain in a battleground state.

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12 thoughts on “Photos from McCain rally in Woodbridge, VA”

  1. Michael,

    You are welcome. I am glad to share my day with our fellow Republicans down south. I met a lot of very nice people. It is very nice to spend time with like minded people. That is very rare for a person from the (USRO) United Socialist Republic of Obamaland (i.e. Maryland) I just hope me sharing my photos will inspire many of our fellow MD Republicans. Well keep on bloggin’

  2. The construction guy is my hubbie, and he’s a small business owner who employs other construction guys. He worked his way up and he accomplished the American dream that Obama wants to destroy by “spreading the wealth,” which is socialism “with lipstick.” Tito came to America from Colombia, like with many other other immigrants, and he worked his way up. He started as a laborer and worked hard for others while studying engineering and construction management. Now he has his own company and performs commercial site development and underground utility construction. He is all too aware of the perils that socialism brings. We both watch Hugo Chavez closely as he continues to threaten his neighbor and our ally, Colombia. There are no Joe the Plumbers, Tito the Construction Workers or Phil the Bricklayers in Venezuela that are allowed to develop to their full potential. Support John McCain!!!!

  3. Debbie,

    Our country needs hardworking people like your husband. He personifies what the American dream is all about. When I saw the Phil The Bricklayer and Construction worker signs for McCain yesterday, it really fill my heart with joy because my father was a man who had his own home improvement business. He was also a bricklayer for a construction company when he first came to the United States. He started his own home improvement business when the construction company he had worked for went bankrupt through his boss’s own studpity. My father never had a fancy college education but he knew how to survive by using his skills in the construction field and started his own small business. THAT IS WHAT AMERICA IS ALL ABOUT!!! MANY IN THIS COUNTRY HAS LOST THAT CONCEPT!!! He has sold his company and is now retired. It really makes me cry now that many of our contrymen is embracing socialistic ideas of Obama. Many people do not realize that the Democrat party does not understand the working class. There are more rich Democrats than they are Republicans. Country First! Support John McCain

  4. Maria:
    Exactly. The Dems have a different agenda than the ones in my grand parents’generation. Thank you for the beautiful photos. I shared them with my family and friends and I’m glad you were there to take them.

  5. Debbie and Maria,

    Support John McCain, whose economic plan is for the gov’t to buy up everyone’s failing mortgages, and for the gov’t to run the nation’s banks? Sounds like socialism to me. George Bush amd McCain have essentially turned the federal gov’t socialist in many ways as a response to the financial crisis–so is it ok if they do it, and not ok if Obama recommends the same ideas? Obama’s plan will make it easier for more poor people to have the American dream, just like your families. Cutting the taxes of the wealthy, giving breaks to the guys in Wall Street, and buying up bad mortgages while doing virtually nothing for the poor and middle class–that is McCain’s plan. No thanks.

  6. Obama’s plan is going to make small business owners reluctant to hit his magic number of $250,000 (gross or net? who knows..he just loves throwing that number out there because he can say a quarter of a million). This misguided plan is going to reduce job growth. As Biden says, (paraphrasing) “it’s all about one 3 letter word J-O-B-S.” Say it ain’t so Joe…Can you count to 4?
    I’ve worked since I was legally able and
    I have literally had 80-90 hour work weeks frequently and average 65 hrs. per week sometimes working 2 jobs at a time with small children at home. That’s what people need to do to go after the American Dream. Life is about choices. I choose to work hard,and employ other people and help them to achieve confidence that they can make the American Dream possible for themselves without begging crumbles from the government. Obama is not the owner of our dreams, nor is he the one who will deliver the dream. It is us and America that makes it possible. It is not Obama or anybody else. He does not insprire me, in fact he dampens our spirits to grow our dream to a higher level.

  7. You know what? If you are a small business owner (rather than an individual) making $250,000, Obama’s plan has tax cuts and incentives for you. His healthcare plan will also dramatically improve your life and the lives of any employees you hire. Here’s a simple way tolook at this–has the “trickle down” economic philosophy that John McCain has consistently followed actually helped this country? How many of you small business owners are feeling good about the economy today? How many people in general are feeling good about the economy today? That is John McCain’s economy, folks, and there’s no if’s and’s or but’s about it. So his response is to panic, fake that he was setting aside his campaign to fix the economy, head off to D.C and do . . . what? And if you seriously think that Sarah Palin has the wisdom and discretion to be commander in chief, you need a nap.

  8. Debbie, Final Frontier, and Michael and fellow bloggers,

    It really makes me cry everyday that people are buying the Obama nation hype. I am currently unemployed and I am in more fear now than before, if Obama wins. If he does, that means that I will be unemployment longer and cannot find a job. This year has not been very good for me financially speaking but I am still in fear. Obama and his minnions thinks he has the answer for solving my economic situation. I hate collecting unemployment, I rather have a job so I can contribute to society. Please pray for our country!!! I trust John McCain to solve our economic situation rather than Obama. Godspeed and may God Bless America.

    I am so upset that my brother who is a teamster thinks that McCain will be bad for our country. I kept telling him that Obama is no friend to the trucker. But there is so much I could do in convincing family and friends who are on the fence or not going to vote at all.

    Debbie, I am glad that you loved the photos and I hope your family does as well.

  9. Maria:
    They did appreciate the photos. I especially like the one with the flag and the water tower in the background. It has really unique composition with the different angles. You have an interesting and creative eye and you know how to make a statement. Have faith that things will get better, Maria. I am certain they will.

  10. Debbie, you are very welcome. I am glad that your family enjoys them as well. I am still trying to keep the faith. It can’t get any worse than it is now.

    God Bless you Debbie and your family. Keep on fighting!

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