3 thoughts on “The war on blogs”

  1. She is a political hack. Linking to her not only weakens one’s credibility. It shows a lack of an ability to think for yourself.

    And, she is an ugly bitch.

  2. She is pretty sharp indeed. It’s interesting to note how many of these dumbasses she pisses off – kinda’ funny!


    You make me want to link to her site AGAIN!

    Since you brought it up, I’ve seen WAY more photos of YOU (on your whiny site) than I care to. Truth is, you’re an pasty-white, chubby, angry, balding, tree-hugging coward who lashes out at people (verbally) who are not only smarter, better informed and more grounded about their country and patriotism, but are always WAY better looking than YOU.

    Get a clue, killer. Then get a MIRROR!

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