Two former SotW players garner camp invites

Well, it’s about time. For some reason it seemed like the Orioles took forever to determine who was being invited to spring training – maybe it’s because of the question of signing Vladimir Guerrero. But Thursday they selected a total of 16 non-roster invitees and a pair of 2008 Shorebirds of the Week – picked just two weeks apart – were among them.

While Ryan Adams was an error-making machine in his season here, the guy could hit and that seems to be his ticket to the big leagues. Baseball America named him the 8th best prospect in the Orioles’ chain this year so apparently the fielding questions have been answered – of course, if nothing else the American League has the designated hitter.

On the other hand, I liked Tyler Henson‘s style of play when he was with Delmarva so I’m happy to see him latch onto the invite. He’s retreated a bit from the 20/20 I predicted he could have (just 12 homers and 7 steals at Bowie last year) but he gets his chance to shine nonetheless.

With the two additions to those already on the 40-man roster, there are ten players who at one time were Shorebirds of the Week in the Orioles’ big league camp this spring. Something tells me I may have more than one inductee to the Shorebird of the Week Hall of Fame next fall.

In the meantime, spring training starts on Valentine’s Day with the first exhibition game on February 28. Damn, I can’t wait!

Author: Michael

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