Intriguing panel discussion highlights GOP gathering

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While the main plot of last weekend’s Republican state convention in Ocean City seemed to be the celebration of all things Ehrlich, an interesting sidebar turned out to be a panel discussion by four members of the General Assembly moderated by state party Chair Audrey Scott. The discussion featured three Senators: David Brinkley (District 4), Minority Whip Nancy Jacobs (District 34), and Minority Leader Allan Kittleman (District 9) along with Delegate Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio (District 37B).

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4 thoughts on “Intriguing panel discussion highlights GOP gathering”

  1. Delegate Haddaway concerned with Maryland’s budget deficit? Isn’t this the same Delegate that wasted (& will waste) thousands of dollars of Maryland taxpayer dollars stripping them of their rights trying to regulate “International Marriage Brokers”?? No politician that sponsored (and rammed through) an intrusive and useless law like HB 65 can ever e credible talking about budget deficits or Constitutional rights. In fact his bill was legislation that promotes illegal immigration and fraud against American citizens. Andrew Roberts, Columbia MD

  2. Jeanne Haddaway-Riccio is no Republican. At a time of fiscal crisis, she sponsored a bill that gets Maryland involved in making citizens get fingerprints before they can use internet dating services to send emails to foreigners.

    The ostensible purpose of the law – to protect foreign women from Maryland men – doesn’t even make sense because there are no reports that Maryland men are running around the globe bothering foreigners. Moreover, I learned when researching this matter that Del. Haddaway originally included all the large dating companies in the law, like Friendfinder, Match, Eharmony and Yahoo, but when a lobbyist for these companies paid her a friendly visit, she amended the law so that it no longer included them.

    So who does this law now affect? Answer: it affects Jeannie Haddaway who can brag that she got a law passed that does nothing, or something, or who knows? But Maryland taxpayers paid for the bill, the hearings on the bill and will now pay for some administrative agency to enforce the bill and its ridiculous requirements so that Del. Haddaway can get reelected, or not.

  3. If your young daughter was targeted by an inside the beltway pervert from America, I’d say you might feel differently.

    Perhaps we’ve heard from the stalkers themselves on this blog.

    See Ya Later Perv Boy!

  4. Yeah, I thought the two comments re: JHR were a little unusual but I let them pass because they were relevant. Doesn’t matter to me because I’m not in that market now.

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