As expected, CD1 Dems pick LaFerla for write-in bid

You can call him cannon fodder. This from the Maryland Democrat Party’s Yvette Lewis (h/t Maryland Juice):

I am extremely proud to announce that the Maryland Democratic Party has endorsed the candidacy of Dr. John LaFerla in the First Congressional District. Dr. LaFerla has resounding grassroots support and the full confidence of the Party’s Executive Committee and Democratic leaders.

Democrats cannot stand on the sidelines in this election, and John will fight for the Democratic values we believe in. John understands we must create jobs, expand opportunity and grow an economy for the middle class by investing in manufacturing, innovation and education.

Andy Harris relentlessly pursues an extreme far right agenda that puts special interests above Maryland working families. Harris consistently votes against women, students, seniors and the environment. Andy Harris is wrong for Maryland. John LaFerla and Democrats are right for Maryland and we are prepared to work hard to win.

Madam, with all due respect, you wouldn’t know what was right for Maryland if it hit you upside the head. While LaFerla may be an improvement over the woman who blamed the Koch Brothers for many of our ills, the fact is that First District voters aren’t ready to embrace a candidate who is endorsed by the pro-abortionists NARAL Pro-Choice and Planned Parenthood or by the turncoat Wayne Gilchrest, who’s only doing it because he didn’t like Andy Harris exposing him for the squishy moderate he was.

While at least one large-scale write-in campaign has worked in the recent past, re-electing Senator Lisa Murkowski to a Senate seat she couldn’t win in her own Republican primary, the odds are much more stacked against John as a write-in candidate in the one Maryland seat where Republicans are ahead of Democrats in voter registration, and many of those Democrats are DINO to boot.