Friday night videos – episode 76

Tonight I bring you more clips and interesting stuff from a variety of local musicians. I’ll start with what looks to be a fairly young band call We Are The Weapons.

I won’t give them props for running a video camera but the song is okay as a beginning. I know bands just starting out need a place to play and The Refuge has served that purpose. It’s the next step beyond the basement or garage, and there’s probably a thousand bands out there just like We Are The Weapons.

A few steps beyond them is a band called Naylor Mill – I’ve featured them a time or two before. I think this song was part of an acoustic set as part (or maybe as a supplement to) the Local Produce program back when Bob Daigle (who uploaded the video) was involved with it.

A radio station with a more formal studio and better equipment is Ocean 98, where this Aaron Howell original was recorded way back in 2007. I always liked the song and it really deserves more than 11(!) views.

Speaking of Ocean 98, Marla Robertson (who does a weekend show there called the Sand Jam) also had a side job playing with the cover band Agent 99. Here they did an old Grand Funk Railroad classic at the late Steer Inn Tavern.

Another venue for live music bites the dust. *sigh*

Third Friday doesn’t seem to be on its last legs quite yet, though. I remember covering this band as part of my Weekend of Local Rock series, but don’t recall this song from Skyway Nine. It has more of a sense of humor than most.

I’m going to return to Bob Daigle to wrap this up, just because I like their version of this song. It’s been on here before, but it’s been awhile. Why? Well, there’s some things in the world you just can’t explain.

With that another edition of FNV moves into the internet ether. Until next week, keep rockin’ the summer!