Atlas shrugs on the Shore

Sort of a public service announcement as I close in on the 2,500 post mark…

Just in from local political activist Greg Belcher: he’s attempting to put together a carpool to see a showing of Atlas Shrugged on Thursday night (7 p.m.) at the Premier Theatre in Easton. The movie costs $8 and the group would leave Salisbury at 5:30 p.m.

Although the Atlas Shrugged website shows the movie is playing in Easton, it appears that Thursday is the only day it will be shown. So it’s important to show support for the film so Part 2 next year will be more widely viewed.

The other event he clued me in on will be next Tuesday, as the Maryland Society of Patriots meets to discuss a strategy for combatting the Maryland DREAM Act.

At that point there will be one week to go before the first hurdle so time will be of the essence.

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