A new video from an MDGOP candidate

Unlike the last time we did this, here is the first video I’ve received from a candidate for MDGOP Chair. It comes from favorite Mary Kane.

The video doesn’t reveal much that’s new; in essence it makes the same points that she’s sent out in her letter. And considering the video had ten views before I latched onto it, the message may or may not be getting out.

One difference in approach from last year’s crop of candidates seeking to replace Jim Pelura (who resigned in September 2009) and complete his term seems to be that of looking to grassroots support; in other words it’s not just about the nearly 300 Central Committee members who will actually be voting on the matter. And I’m glad they are, for the most part,¬†embracing the state’s version of a pajamas media.

But I found one thing interesting in her video. It may be a case of being too clever by half on my part, but Mary speaks about the 2014 election (in referring to the need for picking up seats in the General Assembly) yet is an advocate for reducing the term of the Chair to two years – in theory, she may not be around as Chair to see the eventual results of her tenure. In truth, I like the idea and the long-term goal but that’s a point to be made.

If I receive any other videos I’ll be sure to post them – but Mary was first to the line and I suspect she may be the last.

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  2. The order was selected randomly, and the “delusional hate” is in the eye of the beholder. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for one the next round will occur in a couple days.

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