Odds and ends number 23

I’m taking a day off from politics today in order to pursue some of my other interests. Hey, since I had a week unseen around here since my ‘Rushalanche‘ back in 2007, I need a bit of a break from the MDGOP race. These two news pieces aren’t really long enough to merit their own post but I wanted to share anyway.

One piece of breaking news affects my newly updated Shorebird of the Week Hall of Fame. Trading bells are breaking up that gang of mine, as 2009 inductee David Hernandez was shipped off to the Arizona Diamondbacks with fellow reliever Kam Mickolio for 1B-3B Mark Reynolds.

Of course, this also could affect the fate of fellow SotW honoree Brandon Snyder, who plays first base – he now could have a 27-year-old slugger blocking his path to a starting job.

The other piece of news regards my enjoyment of local music. Local and regional bands already have a couple radio outlets, but as part of the programming plan for a new station making its official debut tomorrow (dubbing itself as ‘the Bridge’, it sits at 88.7 on the FM dial) I’m told they plan on holding a regular show for live music from Christian bands. (A band I feature frequently on FNV called Not My Own is one of the first guests, they will be on tomorrow at 4:30 p.m.)

As you may have guessed, I’m definitely in favor of seeing local music catch a few breaks; we have a lot of talented bands around Delmarva and one thing I like to do is to promote the local scene through the videos on FNV and pictorials as part of a continuing series called ‘Weekend of Local Rock’. (I also link to a number of bands on my sidebar.)

So I hope those of you thirsty for Maryland political news indulge me with these items. I’ve gotten more appeals from would-be officeholders today and I’m sure my e-mail and snail mail boxes will stay full over the next week.

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