Poll update 4

Well, we are through the first-round competitions, and astute readers yesterday would have noticed that Delmar DustPan garnered 50% of the vote to advance, defeating Views of a Salisbury Grinch (32%) and Eastern Shore Libertarians (18%) in the closest of the four first-round competitions.

So the semifinals are set, with the four first-round winners (Salisbury News, Twirling Twirling Twirling Towards Freedom, Alive in the Chesapeake, and Delmar DustPan) being joined by two wild cards, those two being the two best second place finishers. Right Coast Girl (30 votes/41% in its competition) and afterthegoldrush (23 votes/39% in its first-round battle) were the top two runners-up and advanced. The fields were reset into seedings (1 thru 6) and worked to be as even as possible without a rematch (in other words, the two runners-up were not placed with their round winner.) The first semifinal features the #1, #4, and #6 seeds while the second has #2,#3, and #5 seeds.

The two winners and one wildcard will advance to the finals, to be held during the week after Christmas.

Author: Michael

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