Welcome to the Rushalanche!

Since most of you readers have never heard of monoblogue prior to my conversation with Rush, a little about my website.

I started this a couple years ago because I couldn’t write a letter to the editor every day. But in the last 22 months this has become my hobby/obsession and the actual reason I wanted to call in was to see what websites are considered the top sites for conservative thinking so I can link to them and use them to improve my own writing.

On monoblogue, I cover a variety of subjects ranging from national and Maryland politics to my love of baseball and local music. Another goal is to inform the voters of the Eastern Shore and elsewhere of the political choices they have and editorially push them in the “right” direction.

So welcome to monoblogue, and I hope you come back often. And thank you for the “big show business break” Rush!!!

P.S. There’s been many great comments so far and I’m going to spend some time this weekend answering them. I’ve always been proud of those who comment (I think I have the best readers of any website) and you folks continue the tradition. Plus you’ve given me valuable insight on good websites, some I already knew of and a few I didn’t.

And for those who ask, in maybe two hours you’ve topped my best WEEK ever. Now the challenge is to keep all of my new readers, and I look forward to it. My thanks to you and to Rush for taking my call.

Author: Michael

It's me from my laptop computer.

99 thoughts on “Welcome to the Rushalanche!”

  1. Hey Mike,
    Heard you on Rush’s show and decided to check you out. And from what I have seen, This website has been granted an A+! Keep up the good work.

  2. Michael,

    Heard you on Rush today while traveling across the US by car. I stopped in a Motel tonight with internet access, and decided to look-up your site. Good job!

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Michael: Heard you on The Great One this afternoon, and pleased I looked in on your “monoblogue.us” through Google misspelling it, but got the “cue”, hit it and got right here. I’ve got you on “favorite” at least long enough to “get my toe in the water”. You like Rush, so you’re probably Heads-Up !

  4. Hi

    Heard you on Rush today Tried monoblog.us Didnt work Googled it and found you. Will be visiting your site. Keep up the great work..

  5. Dittos from ‘Down Under’! I’m an Australian 24/7 subscriber and listen to the show every day via podcast. My hubby and friends think my passion for American politics and the (right wing) commentary surrounding it is a bit strange, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. A lot of what Rush discusses can be applied to Australian politics too. Besides, Australian talk-back is abysmal…
    Will definitely be coming back to your site. It looks great!

  6. Great site, Michael-and I like your latest post concerning Fred! I’d reverse the top two, but it’s not my site. 😉

    And not to criticize Jim Ritchie (#54), but Mark Levin is The Great One, as designated by Sean Hannity. Rush fondly refers to Mark as F. Lee Levin.

    I’m a regular at: http://marklevinfan.com/ Here you can find tidbits and clips from the show; also, you can promote your site on the forum: http://www.marklevinfan.com/forum/index.php Registration required to view or post. It’s a fan site, and Mark isn’t involved with it, although he is aware of it and occasionally plugs it on the show, and the forum side is linked from Mark’s show site, which is: http://www.marklevinshow.com/ You can live-stream the show through the site.

    FWIW, Mark has said he’s leaning toward Fred, and he’s had Hunter on his show-and likes him a lot too.

    Anyhow, so far I like what I see here, and I wonder if you got more than you bargained for! 🙂

  7. Great question. Hopefully Rushbo will link to this site as well, and give a better answer. Love the ‘Rush’ BIG BIG FAN…and would like to know the sites he hits as well. Maybe he or one of his staffers can compile the list, and post it. Then nobody will feel left out.

  8. One of the BEST websites http://www.marklevinshow.com. You will learn so much about constitutional law and the conservative viewpoint. WMAL in the Washington DC area airs the show. Listen, the guy is very clever.

    p.s. I am a Maryland transplant living in Florida.

  9. Heard the end of your call on Rush. When I figured out the site I realized I’d been here before when surfing for a site on Maryland politics. This is a rough state for conservatives. Glad your here!

  10. Hi Michael,
    I too heard your call on Rush. Congratulation on the HUUUUUUGE Rush bump. I have bookmarked your site and will return often. If the Libs take the White House, these type sites may be our last resort. Keep up the good work.
    William in Georgia

  11. I’m also glad El Rushbo took your call. I’ve put your site at the top of my blog bookmarks and I’ll check in often. Oh! “Dittos” to you too.

  12. Great site. I’m so glad you were in EIB and and I’m glad Rush extended this web-site on your behalf. Keep it up!!!

  13. Heard you on Rush – you asked a question I have had in my mind MANY times. I only get to listen to him on Podcast (at work) so I’m a day late and a dollar short, but way to go! I’ve always been curious about the show prep. I’ve added you to my home page tabs!

    South Charleston, Ohio

  14. Congrats on getting on the Maha Rushies show! You have absolutely no idea what a HUGE audience your blog was exposed to – best wishes

  15. Good for you. It’s always nice when someone getting started gets a plug by Rushmo, the greatest.
    Yur web page looks interesting and I’m sure I will enjoy it. I see you are supporting Huckabee and I’m with you on that. He seems like a down to earth and knowledgeable guy. Good luck!!!

  16. Hey, like everyone else, heard you on rush. This is basically the first blog i have ever came to. Keep up the good work. I use to live in Maryland, have since moved to West Virginia. I am glad that I don’t have to be a part of spend machine o’malley in Maryland anymore.

  17. Holla! michael, if RUSH says check out this site, well…congrats on your call to EIB. I must say that I am hispanic from the ‘hood’. I might be the only hispanic here that listens to RUSH and his links. Also, I have learned so much from rush and the great people that call in. well GOD bless, wish you the best, and I’ll be logging in. myspace.com/Asystolic

  18. Hello from Wyoming! Yes you now have a Wyoming cowboy that plans to visit your blog on a regular basis. I like what I see. What more do I need? God bless and good luck!

  19. Heard you on Rush…you go guy! Just a note to tell you about a bill being pushed by Shirley Gray in Ohio which will outlaw employers being told or being able to find out if the people whom they wish to hire have every been arrested for a felony. How about that for stupid. An employer would now know who he is hiring if this is passed…oh by the way Shirley has a D before her name.
    Youngstown, Ohio

  20. Michael, great call on Rush’s show, and great blog, especially with this tough decision in the upcoming election,I plan on being a regular reader. Hope you get a chance to check out my blog as well at myspace.com/allen_sabio, my latest entitled “Appearance and Reality: The Just War in Iraq”.

  21. Listen to El Rushbo on Podcast. He is indeed a national treasure. I’ll bet 50% of the people trying to find your blog were confused by the spelling of monologue and gave up! Fortunately for me I can spell. 😉

    Used to live in Maryland and I’m consistently disappointed by the liberal nature of politics there.

    Gave a few bucks to Michael Steele’s latest campaign though!

  22. I cannot believe that Hillary has now hired Sandy Burglar! Where is all of the press coverage on this?

  23. Much has been reported on the smear campaign against Mr. Rush Limbaugh regarding his utterance of the phrase ‘phony soldiers’. It is but the beginning of such things.

    I direct your attention to my blog, specifically the entry entitled “Colorado 2007 – The news media – The Daily Camera”, posted 8 October 2007.

    Within that entry I direct your attention a remark that shows what Liberals think of a new conservative college newspaper started on the Colorado State University recently.

    Thank you for your time.

  24. Very impressive blog, and very informed thoughts! I wrote down your site during Rush on Friday and couldn’t wait to get back to town to check it out. Keep up the great work!

  25. …for all of those Rush-callers out there that have patiently endured the busy signals, for that one in 1000 chance of getting through, only to lose signal after waiting on hold for 45 mins. …. Cheers…

    …Congrates Michael, first of all for getting through..

  26. I like your Blog… I have a request. I recently published a book that may be of interest to your readers. The title is The Next Phase of Jihad:A war with Islamic narco-terrorists

    Although the main subject is important, I also cover other subjects, that are related and very important. First, the issue of illegal immigration and the street gangs that are pushing drugs all over the US. Second, the influx of multiple organized crime groups from all over the world. Our borders continue unprotected. We almost depend on Mexican street gangs for national defense because if Islamic groups with ties to al-Qaeda try to move into their turf, they will fight back in ways that are possibly more effective than our law enforcement. This sounds stupid… and it is. We have to protect our borders! I also think that we need a national ID. Even though this may be alarming to fellow conservatives, it is much better than the situation we have now. Other democratic countries have them – France, Spain, Germany, Canada… We are now trying to come up with national standards for driver licenses and are playing other games to arrive at a national ID by the back door… If we need it… then it should be done the right way.
    PS I am a retired US Foreign Service Officer and have worked in national security for 40 years… I am a contrator to DOD.

    The Next Phase of Jihad: A War With Islamic Narco-Terrorists

    by Rafael Fermoselle

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    Many insurgencies since WWII, regardless of politics, raised funds through criminal activity eventually becoming full-time criminals. The same is happening with Al Qaeda.


    About the Book

    The author’s hypothesis is that following historical pattern, members of the al-Qaeda Network (AQN) stand a very good chance of undergoing a metamorphosis from Islamic insurgents to gangsters. Organized crime groups are motivated by money rather than ideology, and that is where the AQN may be going. Just about every insurgency since WWII, regardless of political views, has engaged in criminal activity as a means of fundraising. At some point for many insurgents crime became a very attractive proposition, which allowed them to forget their original intent to become plain criminals. Drug trafficking has been the most lucrative of the criminal enterprises and has therefore attracted like a magnet these former idealists. There is no reason to believe that members of the AQN will not follow this pattern.

    The AQN, despite its resiliency, creativity and daring is being defeated. In 2006 and first half of 2007, there was not a single incident of terrorism by the AQN against American targets anywhere in the world outside of the two war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan! In the mid-to-long-term, they will be defeated and will not be able to achieve their goal of creating a Pan Islamic state. One of the AQN’s remarkable skills is the enterprising audacity of the members to raise funds through criminal misdeeds. The next phase of Jihad could very well be fought in the back allies of Western Europe and North America between gangsters and members and former members of the AQN over turf. Trafficking in narcotics, without a doubt, will only be one business focus area for AQN veterans. They will be linked to other criminal enterprises and operate as members of the international criminal underworld. The Western World should be ready to deal with the new challenge.


    About the Author
    Dr. Fermoselle is a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer and author of several books and multiple articles on a wide variety of subjects. Until recently, he worked as a civilian contractor at the US European Command (USEUCOM) in Stuttgart, Germany. Prior to going to Germany, he was a Systems of Systems Analyst (SOSA) and instructor at the Standing Joint Forces Headquarters (SJFHQ, Core Element – Standards and Readiness) at the US Joint Forces Command (JFCOM). He participated in TASKFORCE IV (reconstruction of Iraq), in support of CENTCOM, in advanced of the invasion in 2003, and in the training to stand up SOSA cells at SJHQ’s at regional combatant commands, including PACOM, SOUTHCOM, EUCOM and NORTH-COM during 2003 and 2004. At EUCOM, he was a member of the SOSA team, and the Strategy, Policy and Assessment Directorate, Effects Assessment cell.

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  27. So, what did you think about the last two weeks in Rushland? Brilliant manuever by el Rushbo with the Senate letter, stroke of genius. I tried getting through to him twice and his call screener humg up on me. Not impressive enough I guess, too ordinary. I love the guy and his train of thought; have been listening for at least 14 years since I was in the military. I heard you too a few weeks ago in my car.


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