Updated January 2, 2016.

First of all, I appreciate your interest in advertising on monoblogue. I like to think of it as an inexpensive way for small businesses, musicians, and political candidates (in season) to get their message out.

Advertisers have a number of options on my site:

  • A 468 x 60 banner ad can be placed in the header, which would all but guarantee visibility every time someone comes to this site.
  • Sidebar ads are more common, and can be either 160 or 300 pixels wide. A business card format works best in 300 pixels, but placement may be more advantageous with a 160 pixel wide ad. I can work with you on this.
  • I’m also leaving open the option of post series sponsorship. Frequent readers know that I do a number of different ‘series’ posts – one example would be the Shorebird of the Week on Thursdays during baseball season. I can embed an ad to your specifications inside each edition at a reasonable cost per post. Using the example above, there will be 23 Shorebird of the Week posts per season.
  • I also have text link ads, with negotiable rates depending on placement and length of commitment. Contact me for details.

So how much does this really cost? Within limits, that’s up to you! My sidebar and banner space is available through a bidding process on either a monthly or a quarterly (every 3 month) basis, with the higher bids getting the better (closer to the top) placement for sidebar ads (the banner is already at the top.)

Now, here’s where you can name your own price like that travel company used to do.

  • The banner ad (approximately 468 x 60) is available for bidding for local businesses, with the minimum bid being $25 per month, $50 per quarter, or $150 for a full year.
  • Sidebar ads (160 or 300 pixels wide, height variable) are available for businesses with a minimum bid of $20 per month, $40 per quarter, or $120 per year. That’s just $10 per month!

Payment (as well as artwork) is required before the ads are placed. I have a PayPal account and also will accept personal or campaign checks or cash on the barrelhead.

While I know that the largest portion of my readership is based in Maryland, a surprisingly large amount comes from elsewhere in the country. Obviously this suits certain businesses better than others, but I believe nearly anyone can help their business through advertising here on monoblogue.

Hopefully this will explain the ins and outs of advertising on monoblogue but if you have other questions feel free to shoot me an e-mail: (at)