Friday night videos – episode 58

A few things for yet another Friday evening.

This is pretty interesting stuff from 1979. If you recall the old Phil Donahue Show, you may recall this discussion he had with economist Milton Friedman on greed.

If you can get by the obvious differences in fashion style, it’s interesting to note how attentive both the host and audience were – now it’s doubtful Friedman could get a word in edgewise on the talk shows of this era.

Especially when you come across this Common Cause bunch.

Granted, the interviewer asked a bunch of leading questions and could use the footage he wanted but this is still a crowd much different than the Donahue one.

Then again, union bosses aren’t all that politically correct either.

Again, a bit of ‘gotcha’ journalism that’s being used as an Americans for Prosperity fundraiser. But, as this upcoming video shows, Big Labor has its powerful friends too. Americans for Limited Government has this to add.

And we still have the Reagan hangover, as this Freedom Minute shows.Reagan’s worth celebrating for a little extra time, though.

I debuted this video back in October but felt like using it again. This is the local pop-rock group Naylor Mill.

In a few weeks I’ll do my regular all-music edition, but for now this will have to suffice.