A liberty forum for two

This was probably a pretty short forum if just two candidates were featured, but if you didn’t have the opportunity to find out what two of the First District Congressional candidates had to say at a recent forum sponsored by the Free State Patriots. Featured were Libertarian candidate Muir Boda and write-in aspirant Michael Calpino. First up will be Boda, who has twice ran unsuccessfully for Salisbury City Council.

This is Mike Calpino, who ran in 2010 as a Libertarian here in Wicomico County for a County Council seat.

I’m glad to give these guys a little bit of exposure, but the obvious question remains: where were Andy Harris and Wendy Rosen? Were they invited? Since the forum occurred in June (the videos were released earlier this week) I’m led to assume neither showed up.

The sponsoring Free State Patriots group has this as their aim:

Free State Patriots is a non-partisan, citizen organization in Maryland, committed to the principles of liberty and limited, constitutional government. Our specific purpose is to compare and evaluate candidates with respect to these principles, and lend support to those patriot candidates who will most likely uphold these principles in elected office.

I’ve not heard of any upcoming debates or other chances to hear First District candidates speak, especially the lesser-known ones like Boda or Calpino that may not be in a formal debate. (Boda may well be included, though, but Calpino likely not since he’s a write-in.) Since Muir is a regular reader, he may have more insight on this.

So here’s a chance to meet these two candidates and see if they’ll steal support from Andy Harris or Wendy Rosen, the two odds-on favorites in the First District race.