Pro-liberty Free State citizens flexing their muscles

This is really going to be about two separate items with a common theme, sort of a compact version of my old “odds and ends” series.

In the first case, Patrick McGrady of the Maryland Liberty PAC was excited about getting “one of our own” elected as First Vice-Chair of the Maryland Republican Party.

We told you we were going to rock the Maryland Republican Party back to its roots and this past weekend we did just that!


Not only are we building successful coalitions with Central Committee members but today I am proud to announce to you that the liberty movement is now represented in MDGOP state leadership.

On the convention floor this Saturday, grassroots conservatives and freedom fighters joined forces to elect Collins Bailey as (First) Vice Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party.

It bears pointing out, however, that the group wasn’t all that far from electing Bailey as the Chair, since Diana Waterman only won on the second ballot with 56% of the vote.

McGrady added, though, that the group had advanced a long way:

Last fall we successfully launched the Maryland Liberty Caucus and now this spring our Liberty forces picked up a top state Party leadership position.

As I pointed out in my look at the state convention buildup from last Friday night, the Maryland Liberty PAC had a very successful hospitality suite in which one of the featured speakers was Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild, a passionate pro-liberty elected official who has toured the state (including this local appearance) promoting a variety of ways to fight encroachments on liberty by Annapolis, Washington, and beyond.

I knew about Richard’s latest effort a few weeks back, but I wanted to hold off on mentioning it until it was finally ready to be formally rolled out. But was promoted at the convention and its key addition to the political landscape is ready for adoption. The “Draft Resolution of Non-Compliance” is designed for counties whose residents believe the Second Amendment to the Constitution – which, after all, is considered the supreme law of the land – trumps any unconstitutional efforts by the state to infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms.

So these are some of the developments on the pro-liberty front in the state of Maryland, and it just bolsters the case we are advancing, not to mention that I’m driving the loony Left crazy. (At the risk of giving this guy some actual traffic, you really should read that link and get ready to laugh.) If we can bring the pro-liberty movement into the GOP fold, it will give us an impetus to bring the middle our way.

After all, who could be against liberty?

4 thoughts on “Pro-liberty Free State citizens flexing their muscles”

  1. Mike is living in a dream world: 1. For thinking that there is any more than his loony extremist base that will be convinced to join; Marylanders, overall, are much smarter than he thinks; and 2. Where he thinks he is driving “the loony left crazy”; the truth is that he and his radicals are actually driving those of us who care about the people in the 1st District, to organize, on levels never seen before on the Eastern Shore.

    The most telling part of this comment is that Mike Swartz admits that his ragtag group is, in fact, on the right-wing extremist fringe! At the end of his diatribe, he calls on the State GOP to bring those who are in “the middle”, to the fold. His exact words, sounding like it came from a 1932 speech by a famous German/Austrian that will remain nameless, were, “impetus to bring the middle our way.” What he is saying is that even the middle ground, which is firmly where John LaFerla stands, is too far left for him and his cronies. Shades of Attila the Hun! lol

  2. You mean endorsed by NARAL and Planned Parenthood John LaFerla is in the middle? Wow, so that’s why he couldn’t even win his primary the last time – he lost to a former Republican who mistakenly believed the party had co-opted itself to big business yet wasn’t smart enough to realize her new party had prostituted itself to people like Goldman Sachs. I still laugh at her name-dropping the Koch Brothers in the brief conversation her and I had.

    So, please, elaborate for me how “my base” is loony and extremist? For defending our God-given rights? How about limiting government? Yeah, that’s radical stuff!

    And isn’t the simple reason you’re organizing “on levels never seen before” that of bringing the center your way? (Lord help us if that happens.) You, my friend, don’t represent the center. I’ve always been up front that I’m trying to push this nation in the RIGHT direction.

  3. Believe it or not, there are a good many people out there who are against freedom. They prefer safety, and they will tell you so in those very words. It’s enough to cause my head to spin around on my shoulders while I spew green pea soup.

  4. The GOP is the wrong platform for libertarians. The GOP is a party that has promoted unnecessary wars, anti-freedom religious social policies, bloated military budgets, etc. The voice and noble messages of Rand Paul and his pro-freedom and liberty fellows are legitimately diluted due to the fact that they are officially siding with a party that is rotten from the inside out. Another thing: Both the constitution and the bible are not politically holy. There is room for improvement in everything, people shouldn’t be so closed minded. I am personally pro-liberty, but I believe that entrenchment and radicalization are dangerous and not constructive. Basically my two main points are: The GOP is bad, and open mindedness is important.

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