So what can I do?

As always, I like to know what the opposition is up to.

The other day I got an e-mail from Organizing For Against America which asked if I could organize in Salisbury. I’ll come back to that question here in a couple minutes, but if you can stomach this video here’s the One talking about organizing:

I guess the first question is: did you notice anything missing?

Perhaps I’m not very good at determining ethnicity but if I’m not mistaken I didn’t see a single white guy among Barack’s group. Maybe Henry from Pennsylvania was, but he looked fairly olive-skinned to me. I just found that fascinating.

And I noticed the President hadn’t finished his french fries. Waste not want not?

The reason I could see these odd items in the video was because the message was just so much political pap. And it’s quite ironic because the community organizing he used to do to go in front of the school board is much the same that the TEA Party does when it attends a town hall meeting demanding answers from their Congressman or goes to City Council to protest their latest bonehead tax raise. Yet, according to Obama surrogate and Teamster head James Hoffa we are “these son of a bitches.” Mr. Hoffa, you’ve never met my mom and my dad was a Teamster, so I take that remark a bit personally. What he may not know is just how many union members are in the TEA Party.

But in one respect Hoffa was right, since it is about “one thing – jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.” We in the TEA Party know that, but the problem is your side stands in the way of job creation. Well, scratch that – they’re all in favor of creating government jobs (read: increasing union coffers.) But throwing money at unionized green jobs doesn’t always work, and regrettably we taxpayers are stuck with that bill too.

Still, I am an organizer at heart. Hopefully I’ve motivated thousands of people over the years who have taken my message to heart and began to act in such a manner that the era of big government really will be over soon. And I did most of it from the comfort of my easy chair in the living room without having to bribe supporters to hand over a few bucks for the slim chance of having a quick burger and fries with the President before he hustles off to his next secret meeting, vacation, or tee time.

But if I were to break bread with the President, I’d only have one question: are you just out of touch with real Americans naturally or did you have to work at it? When you have to sweat to make payroll; hell, when you just have to worry – even for a brief second – about paying bills, then maybe you’ll understand what the rest of us are going through.

I hope you at least sprang for lunch and didn’t stick the others with the bill.

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