Toll hearing July 14

I actually knew about this already, but I was reminded by an interesting source.

A postcard came to my mailbox today, addressed to me or the current resident. The sender: Congressman Andy Harris.

Printed at taxpayer expense, it revealed the hearing would take place on Thursday, July 14 at Stephen Decatur Middle School, 9815 Seahawk Road in Berlin, beginning at 5:30 p.m.  It also restated Andy’s opposition to the “massive toll hike proposal” that “will destroy jobs and hurt rural Maryland families” as well as “hurt businesses we count on for jobs in the tourism, seafood, and poultry industries.” (Yep, that’s the Eastern Shore in a nutshell.)

No question Andy is right, but I guarantee some crank is going to get his panties in a wad because Andy is using his franking privilege in such a manner. Yes, the piece states Congressman Harris’s opposition to the toll hikes, but that was made pretty plain by news reports when the toll increases were announced. So there’s no new news there. He also informs the public about an opportunity to say one’s piece – for all I know, someone who got the card may be all for jacking up the toll over threefold during the next couple years but had no idea a hearing would be held on this part of the Shore. I don’t believe this particular hearing was in the original schedule but was likely added through popular demand and the behest of the Ocean City and Worcester County tourism industry.

Therefore, this is one of the cases where the Congressman is performing his public service and using taxpayer money in a relatively prudent manner. (The card is a simple black-and-white postcard and not a fancy full-color four-page mailing. But it conveys the message just fine.)

In the meantime, it will be interesting to hear how this meeting goes. If my work schedule allows I may just drop in.

Author: Michael

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