A slow evolution

With this week being the runup to Thanksgiving, don’t look for a whole lot of news on the MDGOP Chair front. To me, it seems like most people who wanted to get in and make a serious effort are already making the rounds and the splash they need to enter the race.

As you can see on the sidebar, we have somewhere around a half-dozen people who want to be Chair. But now they get the hard part of convincing a majority of the nearly 300 members of the respective Central Committees that their vision for the MDGOP is the correct one.

And it’s not just me asking (although I may be the only one who gets a vote.) You know my wish list but Richard Faulknor at Blue Ridge Forum has his own thoughts, as does Ann Corcoran at Potomac TEA Party Report. Matt Newman at Old Line Elephant interviewed Sam Hale, who is portraying himself as the TEA Party candidate, for a RedState piece.

But all these outsiders will have to crack the inner circle of the party to gain influence – while there’s a lot of new influence in the Central Committee, we still have the larger part of the group that allowed their problems to take root and grow. The ‘establishment’ will still be in force and may be another obstacle to overcome.

Author: Michael

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