No debating a reclusive strategy

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve had some interesting give-and-take between various Maryland candidates – Bob Ehrlich and Martin O’Malley sparred twice, First District Congressional candidates had some heated discussion in Queen Anne’s County, and what was said afterward was fodder in a Fifth District debate between Steny Hoyer and Charles Lollar.

But missing among the roster of debates is one between longtime incumbent Senator Barbara Mikulski and Republican challenger Eric Wargotz.

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One thought on “No debating a reclusive strategy”

  1. Why are you surprised. No one ever sees her unless she is pretending she is responsible for some pork barrel project having a ribbon cutting ceremony. The fact is she is old and tired and not likely to get around the state much anymore. We need someone younger, more responsive, a fiscal conservative who will hold the line on taxes, and really foster a healthy small business climate, not just pretend like Mikuslki does. She votes the way her leadership tells her to vote….always with Obama and Pelosi. We need someone who will listen to us. Vote Eric Wargotz. New blood for new times.

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