District 38A hopeful gathers gun endorsements

AFP co-chair Julie Brewington read from remarks she prepared and preposted on her website.

One can’t quite call her Maryland’s answer to Sarah Palin yet, but District 38A hopeful Julie Brewington is holding her own with the boys insofar as getting endorsements from Second Amendment groups goes.

The most recent ones in her bag come from a coalition of groups including Maryland Shall Issue/Citizen’s Defense League of Maryland, and the Maryland State NRA Rifle and Pistol Association.

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Now for the remainder of my take on this.

I’m certainly glad that Julie is a defender of Second Amendment rights and I have little doubt about her conservative credentials considering who she supports and the body of her work on her blog Right Coast.

But it doesn’t always work that way among people who vote single-issue. For example, the same group which endorses Julie is also endorsing Delegate Joseph Vallario, Jr. (D – District 27A) and Delegate Rudy Cane (D – District 37A). Vallario chairs the House Judiciary Committee, where bills like Jessica’s Law went to die until a vast outcry finally forced him to relent and bring the bill out. Cane regularly votes with big-spending I-95 corridor liberals on economic issues, which outweigh the limited good he does on Second Amendment-related items. (For my money I think Cane challenger Dustin Mills would likely be as good or better for Second Amendment stalwarts and certainly more friendly to our local business interests.)

However, I did notice that the coalition specifically states:

Our vote recommendations are based upon 2nd Amendment positions only. When both candidates would benefit the 2nd Amendment community, we suggest that each voter consider other criteria in the Primary Election. These critia (sic) would include the voter’s personal knowledge of the candidate, candidate’s experience, past performance, and especially the candidate’s “electability” in the November General Election.

I would hope that this coalition comes to its senses regarding other issues once November’s endorsements roll around, and perhaps in cases where there is no primary they simply omit the candidate in question until then.

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5 thoughts on “District 38A hopeful gathers gun endorsements”

  1. One has to give it to Julie. She defiinitely is capaigning as hard or harder than any candidate I have observed.

    I had the opportunity to observe her with her children at the intersection of College Ave. and Rt. 13 sign waving. Some have been critical of her involving her children in political activities. However, many folks think this is a very good thing for a vast array of reasons, some quite evident.

    Endorsements are a part of the politcal process, and for candidates receiving them, it is a good thing. Congratulations Julie.

  2. As much as I respect your work Michael, you missed this one. There is no such thing as the “Maryland State NRA Association”. The Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association is a state affiliate of the NRA. However, they four group coalition had to take down their reference to MSRPA being tied to the NRA.

    You are absolutely right that Julie should be commended for her 2nd Amendment stance (and on other issues). My quarrel has been that she claimed to have been endorsed by the NRA when she wasn’t.

  3. Well, I corrected it here – the Examiner page will have to wait.

    Is that and the picayune item about her standing in her district (since it was her County Council district) your only quarrels with Julie or are you believing everything Joe Albero says too? Too bad I missed the WCRC meeting.

  4. I had a conversation today with John Josselyn, Legislative Vice President of Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. earlier. Because of some emails he has recieved, he has removed his reference to the Maryland NRA Association from their candidate recomendations and is preparing a written statement that I will post when I recieve it. I would ask that people not portray me or these organizations as misrepresenting anything but to wait for the clairity that is forthcoming. Thank you.

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