Parsonsburg welcomes Bob Ehrlich

It’s not the biggest of places, but if you want to have a farm as a backdrop former Secretary of Agriculture Lewis Riley’s Parsonsburg farm is the place to be. Governor Ehrlich’s campaign kickoff stopped there this morning and I have pictures, text, plus a special surprise at the end.

Most of this will be in pictorial form. To begin, let me point out it was a little muddy on the farm this morning.

The ominous-looking clouds indeed produced rain as those present awaited the Governor's arrival.

The signs were already made up, though. Think this is a winning campaign issue?

This refers to Bob Ehrlich's promise to rescind the 1 percent sales tax increase which became effective in 2008.

People were in good spirits despite the weather. Luckily there was a place to get out of the rain.

It's a barnload of people who anxiously awaited Bob Ehrlich's arrival.

Needless to say, a host of local GOP candidates and officeholders were about. Here’s District 38 Senate candidate Michael James.

District 38 Senate candidate Michael James was going to be master of ceremonies for the Ocean City stop on the Ehrlich tour.

They also flanked Wicomico County Councilman Joe Holloway, who served as master of ceremonies for the event.

Joe Holloway was a good master of ceremonies because he's a man of few words.

District 38B candidate Mike McDermott also graced the podium with brief remarks.

Pocomoke City Mayor and Delegate candidate Mike McDermott called Bob Ehrlich a 'governor who understands surpluses.'

McDermott also played on the fiscal theme, calling Ehrlich one who “believes in actually lowering taxes.” The important number to him was 71, as in 71 of 141 seats in the General Assembly. Ending a century and a half of Democratic control could be a tall order, though.

Former Secretary of Agriculture under Ehrlich, Lewis Riley (left) hosted this event at his farm.

In introducing the once and perhaps future governor, Lewis Riley recalled how he was 'more impressed' with Ehrlich as a delegate.

In his introduction, Lewis Riley described Bob Ehrlich as one who’s knowledgeable on Maryland’s needs and wants. While that was being said, Ehrlich struck a thoughtful pose.

I think this may be my favorite picture from the event. Very statesmanlike.

I’m going to come back to what Bob Ehrlich said shortly, but afterward many of those there wanted a piece of him (figuratively, of course.)

Joe Holloway (right) wanted to have a shot with the Governor and I obliged too.

I’m not sure why both local television stations weren’t there (perhaps the other one was awaiting the Ocean City or Easton stop) but Channel 47 covered the Parsonsburg event.

Bob Ehrlich being interviewed by the local media, in this case Channel 47.

I liked this shot too, and throw it in just because.

I call this shot 'The Camera Eye'. It's a Rush song too.

Now, as to what Governor Ehrlich said – you can hear for yourself. I took video of his remarks.

In case you’re wondering, there’s probably about 50 to 75 people in the background behind me. The Channel 47 camera was to my right.

Afterward, I asked him about the effect lowering sales tax would have. Since the sales tax annually brings in about $3.7 billion according to the Comptroller’s office, taking 1/6 of it would be about $600 million. How would the gap be filled?

Bob explained to me that mine was a static analysis (true) and that the increased economic activity lowering the tax would create would fill in part of the gap (also a good presumption.) In addition, with slots coming online that revenue will enable the state to lower our tax burden in that manner. (Bob also brought up the what-if scenario of had slots passed in 2003.) All in all, it was a good answer and about what I expected.

With that, Ehrlich continued on to stops in Ocean City and Easton as he continued his statewide announcement tour. This is probably the most we’ll see of him because the battle is likely going to be for the suburban voters across the bay and let’s face it – Ehrlich should carry the Eastern Shore handily. (If not, he’ll be lucky to come within 15 points of Martin O’Malley.)

So…is this a suitable temporary replacement for Friday Night Videos?

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6 thoughts on “Parsonsburg welcomes Bob Ehrlich”

  1. So, is it just me or was that a pretty poor turnout for a guy we’ve been waiting 3+ years to get back in the game… Hell, the Orioles sellout opening day after being out since Oct 09. Ehrlich’s been out since Nov 06 and returns to a ‘crowd’ of 75? Geez.

  2. Bob’s comment:
    “Bob explained to me that mine was a static analysis (true) and that the increased economic activity lowering the tax would create would fill in part of the gap”
    This is right on target! Lower taxes always increase revenue to the state (or federal) treasury.
    My question – why didn’t Bob lower taxes when he was Governor?

  3. We’re talking about Parsonsburg in the middle of a workday. I don’t know what he drew in OC or Easton but the real number to count comes November 2nd.

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