Weekend of local rock volume 30

I’m sure many of you come here in this timeslot and expect an op-ed from me as my normal practice is to repost my most recently cleared column from Liberty Features Syndicate at 10:30 on Sunday morning. But today I’m doing an op-ed of a different sort. (and no, it wasn’t syndicated.)

This was the scene when I walked into the bar area of Flavors of Italy Friday night.

The Permilla Project was jammed into this little area and jamming in a mix of rock, jazz, and asundry other elements - all original stuff insofar as I could tell.

My significant other and I had debated about dinner yesterday since we bowl on Friday nights, and I mentioned pizza might hit the spot. Yes, I knew The Permilla Project was playing so that was why I suggested Flavors of Italy.

When I peeked into that bar, I thought I saw every hipster, tripster, and anyone else who wanted to see and be seen within a 10 mile radius of the club.

My camera made the eyes match the sweater of the lady in red. Hope she doesn't mind.

We actually heard most of the first set before seeing them as we were seated in the restaurant portion enjoying a Continental-style dinner at 10:00 at night. A little dinner music, maestro?

A decent shot of The Permilla Project except Charlie turned his back just as I snapped the pic. It gets an award for best use of the mirror to see Sean the drummer.

If you take rock as a base, add some jazz influence and the willingness to extend the song to create the feel of perhaps a heavier version of O.A.R. you’d come up with The Permilla Project. The folks up front were certainly swaying to the music and a college town like Salisbury is a natural home base for such a band.

No, you can't see them dance because this is a still photo, but they were. You have to trust me on this one.

I can see why this is my blogger friend (afterthegoldrush) Ridgely Griffith’s favorite band, they are pretty good. Permilla isn’t completely my cup of tea but they are entertaining.

In the realm of photography this is called the money shot. Ok, I got everyone in the picture relatively facing me. But you can sense how packed the room was.

So next time The Permilla Project is at Flavors of Italy, I encourage you to come early, get a pizza, and grab a seat. You may not choose to stay in it, though. It’s a band and venue which will make you wish it was summer since you can stand outside and hear them (FoI has outdoor seating in the summer, but it’s limited.)

Then again, they may have to find a bigger venue before they know it.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend of local rock volume 30”

  1. Don’t forget to throw in a “dash of Blues” and a “taste of Soul” to the recipe.
    I am old enough to be anyone of these guy’s father, yet they play the type of music that I grew up listening to. And they are damn good at it .

  2. Gotta love a good jam band . . . been meaning to check these guys out, but have not gotten around to it just yet . . . the old man in me doesn’t want to drive to Salisbury on a Friday night . . . lazily waiting for them to find their way to OC . . .

    I appreciate your open-mindedness in checking them out . . . a sweet manifestation of your libertarian streak . . .

    In mid-April, I’ll be heading down the northern Florida, just outside Live Oak, for the Wanee Festival, put on by the Allman Brothers, held in Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park– 800 acres of live oaks strung with spanish moss . . . two and a half days of all sorts of good jams . . .

    Check it out . . . http://www.waneefestival.com . . .

    Peace . . .

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