‘Macaca’ part two?

To put it bluntly, last night’s debate was a snoozer. After smacking my forehead in disbelief a couple times on some really dumb answers from John McCain (it goes without saying that pretty much anything out of Barack Obama’s mouth was a combination of pandering and dollar signs going off in his eyes) I got to the point of agreeing with Michelle Malkin, whose liveblogging I was following for reaction, that listening to this townhall debate was like watching paint dry.

So I was quizzical when I got a comment on the particular post which was up at that time on monoblogue simply stating, “‘That One’ won.” I replied “That one what?” I didn’t find out about the significance until I was listening to Rush today, because what McCain said just didn’t register. Here’s that passage from the transcript:

BROKAW: Should we fund a Manhattan-like project that develops a nuclear bomb to deal with global energy and alternative energy or should we fund 100,000 garages across America, the kind of industry and innovation that developed Silicon Valley?

MCCAIN: I think pure research and development investment on the part of the United States government is certainly appropriate. I think once it gets into productive stages, that we ought to, obviously, turn it over to the private sector.

By the way, my friends, I know you grow a little weary with this back-and-forth. It was an energy bill on the floor of the Senate loaded down with goodies, billions for the oil companies, and it was sponsored by Bush and Cheney.

You know who voted for it? You might never know. That one. (I believe at this moment he pointed in Obama’s direction – Editor.) You know who voted against it? Me. I have fought time after time against these pork barrel — these bills that come to the floor and they have all kinds of goodies and all kinds of things in them for everybody and they buy off the votes.

I vote against them, my friends. I vote against them. But the point is, also, on oil drilling, oil drilling offshore now is vital so that we can bridge the gap. We can bridge the gap between imported oil, which is a national security issue, as well as any other, and it will reduce the price of a barrel of oil, because when people know there’s a greater supply, then the cost of that will go down.

That’s fundamental economics. We’ve got to drill offshore, my friends, and we’ve got to do it now, and we can do it.

And as far as nuclear power is concerned, again, look at the record. Senator Obama has approved storage and reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel.

And I’ll stop, Tom, and you didn’t even wave. Thanks.

Apparently Obama supporters took it as racist, like that same commenter who then shot back to me this morning, “I guess McCain was using ‘One’ as code for ‘Nigger’ to his racist supporters.” (Since I didn’t moderate comments until I got home this evening I heard the Rush reference first.) Personally I took it the same as McCain saying “that guy” or “that dude”, but I guess all that does is make me guilty of being white.

Let’s face facts here – Obama is going to get about 90% of the black vote. And it’s not because he’s black, it’s because he’s a Democrat. If racial unity were that great for just any black candidate, my junior Senator would be Michael Steele, they would be calling Lynn Swann the governor of Pennsylvania, and Ken Blackwell might be midway through his first successful term as Ohio’s governor.

But it’s that sensitivity minority voters have that makes headlines in the drive-by media. Former Senator George Allen of Virginia had his political career derailed because the word ‘macaca’ became a keyboard shortcut for the Washington Post, it was used so often. (And I’m still not sure why that was offensive, but I suppose it was made out to be so.) With Obamaites fanning the flames just as furiously as they can to light this spark of racism, I can tell that even if Obama wins the issue of race doesn’t go away.

Of course, if Obama is unsuccessful in November you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be attributed to racism among Republicans. No way would it be Barack’s relative lack of experience, his misguided foreign policy, or his tax-and-spend liberalism. And it can’t be that lack of trust in Obama among rank-and-file Democrats who swept Hillary Clinton to victories in many of the final primaries. In turn, we know that an Obama win will be considered a “mandate” even if he wins by 1 percent or, like Bill Clinton, can’t get a majority of the vote in his bid for the Oval Office.

No, the bets are being hedged as quickly as possible by Obama’s minions who know that the only thing that can stop Obama is his past, so they’re throwing all the mud they can at John McCain while attempting to keep a lid on that bubbling cauldron that is filled with stories about Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and other Chicago machine politicians, and all that cash from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

In a nutshell, that’s Election 2008. It’s a shame we couldn’t have a real debate with a decent moderator last night and that one flippant phrase is sure to become a hot issue.

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  1. “That one” wasn’t racist, it was condescending and cranky and divisive. Quit looking to Rush for explanations for honest interpretations of what the left and normal Americans are thinking.

    But thank you for acknowledging that just bc black people are voting for Obama, it has nothing to do with his race. Believe it or not, black people aren’t dumb. And for the most part poor black people aren’t dumb (just a little sheltered and prone to generalization as their white counterparts)- and I can admit even I was surprised about this.

    But I disagree with your revisionist’s history of Allen’s faux pas. It was a racially demeaning and inappropriate comment, and the crowd got the joke. Im pretty sure they weren’t all familiar with the obscure reference he tried to pull out of his ass as the real meaning to the word. Combine that with the fact that he was essentially a member of the KKK in his younger years, and you have a major turnoff for a state that is becoming more and more educated and evolved. But don’t worry, his career isn’t over for your party as they do not consider that a negative characteristic. Just give him a couple of years and he can be back in the national spotlight- just ask Trent Lott.

    And your last couple of paragraphs had so much BS and spin, I don’t even have the time to acknowledge it, so let me just sum it up: You are wrong.


  2. I’m voting for “That One!” Wheeee! Rush and his buddies are trying to run around and claim that Obama is playing the “race card” over the stupid “that one” comment form McCain. But Barack and Michelle Obama have publicly stated they didn’t think it was racially motivated at all. See, what Rush is trying to do is race bait–by claiming that the Obamas are making it about race, Rush can inject race into the debate and maybe sway a few undecided white guys. Pretty clever, but it isn’t going to work. The comment didn’t make McCain look like a racist, it made him look like an old guy. As did his meandering around the stage, his weird voice, his reference to going bald, and his odd comment about Brokaw. Seriously, it must be exhausting trying to come up with an argument, ANY argument, that is in favor of McCain/Palin.

  3. FF, did you really read the post or is this just a knee-jerk response because I mentioned Limbaugh? All he did was bring that particular point in the debate to my attention – otherwise I was pretty much clueless about “That One.” It just whizzed right by me because the debate was stupefyingly boring.

    Yes, McCain is an old guy – so was Ronald Reagan and I thought he did pretty well. Of course, McCain is no Reagan but perhaps you see my point.

    And Idiot, my understanding of history tells me that I’m going to be right as rain when all is said and done, you just watch. And I personally take offense at the insinuations that a) my readers think black people are dumb and b) that Republicans are racist as a group. All I pointed out is that blacks tend to be monolithic in their voting pattern.

  4. I havent read you enough to give you a pass yet (as the Representative of Eastern Shore Minorites on the blogs) but I didnt say you were being racist. In fact I complemented you on rejecting the racist talking point (and justification for racist whites to not vote Obama/Democratic) that blacks are voting for Obama bc he is black.

    If youre a student of history, then you would know that the South used to be solidly Democratic until they supported the Civil Rights Act and have not voted consistently Democratic since.

    Im a white guy. I go to the white guy meetings and I get the newsletter. I know what is going on and the code words. And racism is clearly not a partisan issue, as you should hear the jokes that are made during my family thanksgiving dinner, but there is one party that consistently neglects the concerns of blacks and it is Republicans.

    And you would not believe how many people I speak with that are still refusing to beleive that Obama is not a Muslim or a threat to America due to his lineage. These people are out there and the Republican base constantly plays to them. There is no fear of whites being stirred up in the cities by the white Democratic leadership/hacks- but can you say the same for Republicans?

    Might as well spell out how you are wrong for the record so I can be right again:

    Race is in issue and it is stupid to say that it isnt. There are litterally polls out there sayng that about 6% of the populaion is not going to vote for Obama merely bc of his race. That and the AP reports stating that Republicans are illegally dumping voters from the roles (rolls?). Race is something that is def a problem in America (no all whites fault) and it is something that we need to discuss as a nation to see that we get over this hump.

    As someone who has constantly supported the worst president in modern history and his policies, what makes you think that you have any say in the “correct” way to run this country and that your views on Obama’s qualifications hold any merit? You cant be wrong for a good 6 years and then pretend it didnt happen. Deregulation and trickle down economics and barroom-bully diplomacy do not work.

    You say you want a discussion of the issues, but then the paragraph before you want to talk about people that Obama has met before? Little Joey is the perfect example that you are all too familiar with, of the type of lowlife person that clings to politicians. There is only so much that can be done after you are made aware of how unsavory they are. You could very well have a pedophile, a 60s counterculture revolutionary, or a psychopath in a club you belong to- are you supposed to do background checks on all people you eat rubber chicken with?

    And you mention Freddie and Fannie, but you dont mention that McCain’s advisor is the lobbyist for them. So while Obama was paid for access to discuss their concerns, McCains guy was out there actively pushing for their interests. Which is worse? Come on, have you no shame?

    Maybe I am reading too much Andrew Sullivan, but where are all the real conservatives who are man enough to stand up for REAL positions and not just be party hacks (or party hacks until the president bc a lame duck and drops to 20% approval- at that point its apparently ok to disagree) and toe the line? Man up Michael. Admit McCain is no longer a Maverick as he votes with Bush 90% of the time (and you apparently vehemently disagree with Bush) and admit that Palin is way over her head and a political and shortsighted choice meant to cater to the lowest common denominator of the party, if not society.

    In conclusion- Obama is going to win, bc we want change, no matter how cliched you try to make that be. We are sick of the fearmongering. Sick of going at the world by ourselves. And most importantly, sick of the pie (economy) getting bigger, but everyone’s slice (share) getting smaller- except for the top 1%. And bc we are sick of hearing about a guy who went to Columbia, was politically viable in a big city as a young man (shit, you are struggling as an older man with more experience in bumfuck eastern shore- try a big city), went to Harvard Law, president of Law Review, in education- Law Professor, State Legislator, US Senator (most exclusive club in the world), professional presidential candidate (but at least he was traveling the country while doing it, talking to people)…is not qualified.

    McCain will lose bc he is the continuation of the failed Bush policies (talking point but Im getting tired). Showed horrible judgement by picking possibly the worst candidate for a major position in the modern history. Refusing to let the VP talk to the media and severly limiting his own talking the media- no more straight talk. And bc he brings nothign to the table but veiled insinuations that have nothing to do with the issues. Theres so much more.

    Damn, I typed almost as much as you.

  5. Rock on, idiot! I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t see how the Republicans can take any pride whatsoever in how this campaign has devolved. McCain/Palin are whipping their supporters into a panicked fear, all in an effort to get McCain elected. That is not putting the country first. If one of the nuts tries to take matters into his own hands, McCain will have some culpability because he is using fear to get votes. Michael, how can you support that type of tactic? I know Democrats have done similar things–this isn’t a Democrat vs Republican thing. But this country is in real trouble right now, and instead of offering a positive, calming influence, McCain is trying to increase the panic just to win an election! It is really despicable. A true patriot would ask his supporters to take a step back, calm down, and debate the issues rather than demonize their opponent. It really is getting frightening at some of these rallies.

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