Ask and I shall receive

I’m going to take just as much credit for this as I can.

On January 5, the Daily Times put my comment in the Grapevine section:

WHEN WILL NEW ROADS OPEN? While it’s nice to have those extra-wide sidewalks known as the Sharen Drive extension and the Northeast Collector Road nearby for my regular stroll, I’d prefer to be able to drive on them. Since they’re all complete with signage and light poles are up, are we simply waiting on the mayor and assorted politicians to schedule a ribbon-cutting?

In today’s Daily Times come this article. The beginning of the story notes:

SALISBURY — Like every good thing, phase two of the Northeast Collector Road took a long time and a lot of energy, Mayor Barrie Parsons Tilghman said Monday.

“Today is a great day,” she said.

Tilghman and city and county officials celebrated a blue ribbon-cutting ceremony on a windy afternoon just outside Emmanuel Wesleyan Church. (emphasis mine.)

Do I know politicians or what? That road sat basically ready for a week, the only work I saw done on it was pouring the concrete on a couple small traffic islands and that occurred last Friday. But they still haven’t turned on the street lights.

I do like the extra two minutes I get now going to/from work, and it’ll really be nice for trips to the pharmacy, library, and post office, which will be quite a bit shorter now.

They have one more stretch of the road to complete, when that’s done there will be a second route to the Centre of Salisbury mall. Expected completion time is the end of 2007. Of course, by that time I’ll probably not be living here in this part of town.

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2 thoughts on “Ask and I shall receive”

  1. This reminds me of I-70 here in MO. Missouri is known for having some of the worst roads in the nation, though they’ve been trying to change that lately. MODOT had a big resurfacing project on I-70 through KC which took them two or three years to complete. There was a big ribbon-cutting on the new stretch of I-70 last October or November. The next day, I drove down I-70 to go to work. Half the interstate was blocked by orange barrels and no MODOT trucks, MODOT employees, or construction trucks in general could be found.

    That night, my mom told me that road construction is a good business to work in, if you can get into it. I see why…

  2. You can bet on it. The Dream Team and the Mayor are already campaigning for 3 council seats in teh next election…get that PR machine rolling. No road to drive on, no problem.

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