Premonition or coincidence?

On September 29, the Chicago White Sox beat the Detroit Tigers 4-2 on Detroit’s home field of Comerica Park to wrap up the AL Central title. Less than a month later, they celebrated a World Series championship.

Earlier today, the Cincinnati Bengals routed the Detroit Lions 41-17 to clinch the AFC North title at Detroit’s Ford Field. Will there be a repeat performance? I’m not sure I could stand that.

It’s truly odd how a city with four professional sports teams could have two that are so good (Red Wings and Pistons, who have 6 championships between them in the last 16 years) and two that are so wretchedly horrible. And of course, the bad ones are in the sports I like (baseball and football.)

I guess there’s no way I could be called a fair-weather fan, can I?

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2 thoughts on “Premonition or coincidence?”

  1. Heh. We just posted a whole tirade about those Lions of ours. I’m not a football fan, thank God, or I’d be irritated, too.

    Go Pistons! Go Wings!

    *pffft* Lions.


    Merry Christmas,

  2. Dangit. Trackback doesn’t work for some reason. What’s an “unrecognized error” anyway? Don’t you just love being outsmarted by technology first thing in the morning?

    Anyway, we linked to your post. Letting you know old-school. Sorry.


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