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  1. Amen and amen and amen. Until last spring, I lived 10 minutes away from Whiteman AFB, between Knob Noster and Sedalia, Missouri. For those who don’t know, Whiteman is the home of the B-2 “Spirit” Stealth Bomber. It can fly for up to 44 hours, and could take off from Whiteman, fly to the Middle East, complete a mission, and return to Whiteman, without needing to refuel.

    Many of my friends were members of the 509th Bomb Wing, who flew the B-2s. My Sunday School teacher flew B-2s. But I also had friends from Whiteman who were later stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – that they told me said that the Iraqis and Afghanis were thankful for their presence in Iraq. I heard stories about Iraqi women and children who cried because they were given a chocolate bar by a U.S. soldier. I heard stories about Afghani men, women, and children who danced and rejoiced in front of a polling station, holding their purple fingers in the air, because they had been given the opportunity to vote.

    Anyone who thinks that our presence in Afghanistan and Iraq is a mistake is a cold, heartless fool. We are a nation that has been blessed abundantly. We have chosen to share our blessings with the world, and the world has welcomed us. If the war in Iraq is a mistake, the mistakes did not start here. If the war in Iraq is a mistake, then the first mistake was made 229 years ago, when a group of daring Sons of Liberty signed a document known as the Declaration of Independence. How dare we declare independence, yet deny it to our brothers and sisters around the world.

  2. Wow, Michael… do you have that few readers? I come around maybe once a week, and I get quite the mention…

    That woman can go to hell, as can anyone who says garbage like this: “Anyone who thinks that our presence in Afghanistan and Iraq is a mistake is a cold, heartless fool.”

    Talk about ignorant shit. I can only thank God that people like Toilet Bowl are in the minority. She really needs to lay off the drugs.

    I think polls that say 80% of Iraqis want us outta there, a lying fool for a president and the astronomical cost of this illegal occupation sways my opinion more than some angry old bag with a bad accent.

  3. Hey Dan, I think this recent poll says that it’s only about 64% that want us out.

    Funny how the same poll shows that 84% of Iraqis get their information from television news. Bet it’s mostly CNN International and al-Jazeera and we know their news slant. The newspapers that were panned because we “planted” stories in them only reach about 11% daily.

    As for readership, that takes time, and I have plenty. Obviously you read it as I do yours and comment where appropriate. Oh, and generally I argue in facts and not name-calling.

    But when you have nothing else you sling mud.

    “The weaker the argument, the stronger the words.”

    –American Proverb

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