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Just a few things before I go to bed.

Tonight was my bowling night. I had a lot of spectators during the third game, and no I wasn’t throwing a lot of strikes. Seems that the Friday night league that was at Strikemaster Lanes (see below) is now bowling after us at Seaford Lanes. That presents some interesting opportunities to get some extra bowling in. I really could use the practice and sub in that league. Nothing to bowling 6 games instead of 3, especially at the slower pace of 5-person teams.

I’ve decided to delete the “polls” page of monoblogue. There’s just so many polls out there and I don’t want to get hung up in the minutia of them all. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Dawn at WriteWingBlog tagged me with the “meme” virus a few days ago. Basically it’s reveal ten things about yourself. Well, if you don’t gather what you need from my blog posts, that’s what the “about” page is for. Wonder if anyone reads it?

I added a couple links to the sidebar here. Basically how I determine what’s there is what I’m listening to and reading. So Atlas Shrugged will be there awhile – it’s a 1200 page book for goshsakes, and I read Coulter recently as well. Probably on Monday I’ll change out the G n’ R and Motley Crue to different CD’s based on what I take to work next week. You know, I didn’t think I’d like the John Korabi version of Motley Crue as much as I do – it’s actually a quite varied CD with some melodic songs (like “Driftaway”) and a couple crunchers (such as “Smoke the Sky”, my favorite.)

I also linked Drea’s blog since I asked and she agreed I could. I don’t really like to link to “personal” blogs so much just because some people might want them, well, personal. So I asked Drea’s permission first. Something like “Crallspace” is a little different because he’d already commented on my blog a number of times and I knew he was more political in nature than Drea. Besides, we all need a leftwing archnemesis to give us our humor for the day. But trust me – I have a lot more links in my Favorites bloglist on my computer than I show here. The ones I selected to show are a judgement call on my part.

It’s 2 a.m. Time for me to run my anti-spyware program and go to bed. Tomorrow will be a day I do a news digest of sorts, finally read through some of the e-mail I get from various sources and a number of them piqued my interest. So I’ll touch on a bunch of stuff briefly and throw it open for reader comments.

Speaking of that, I do eventually moderate the comments. Think I’m getting better at it now.

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5 thoughts on “Updates and additions”

  1. You know, you should thank that guy plgguing that WalMart film for leading Drea to your blog… If it weren’t for him, you’d have neither myself or Drea looking at this.

    You read Coulter, yet MY writing is what you turn to for laughs? That’s pretty sad, and sadder yet that you read Coulter- who makes up her research and says what she does only to anger people. Nobody really believes the far right garbage she pukes up.

    Bowling leagues, eh? (laugh) Nevermind.

  2. Well, then thanks Thomas, wherever you are. You gave me a good penpal.

    Haven’t heard of that Wal-Mart movie showing anywhere around here, I really should see it to see just how much it panders to the anti-capitalist crowd. Generally with this being a college town there’s some leftist group showing that kind of film someplace.

    You know, I found this particular Coulter book a little uneven. There were some places I laughed hysterically but others seemed like filler material just to pump up the page count. And Dan, let’s get real. Ann Coulter is NOT a journalist, she’s a columnist who is paid to have opinions and write on them.

    (By that token, I suppose the joke is on me since no one pays for my opinions. But there’s always the chance that someone could believe I’m the next Coulter or Mark Steyn. Practice, practice, practice!)

    The thing that I think is really funny about Ann Coulter is that every time she shows up to give a speech, the PC police at that college have a cow. For people that are supposedly all for diversity, they sure don’t like to hear a dissenting voice – to them it’s “hate speech.” Funny how that works, huh, Dan?

    You go walk in the woods and take pictures, I’ll go bowling in my league(s) every Friday night. I happen to like the challenge of figuring out how best to throw the ball and then repeating it.

    Bowling is a reflection of life. Some of us can be perfect once in awhile, but generally we are always trying to do better. And if I fail, I have one second chance to succeed.

  3. Hi Michael,
    πŸ™‚ I have that walmart movie coming this week w/ my netflix. Will see what all the talk is about.
    After this gets in I’m getting rid of netflix.. its nice… but not worth the money. I can get movies at the Family Video for a dollar each… way cheaper than 14.99 a month for two DVDS a week.

    Grant it… the no late fees is nice πŸ™‚

  4. I just finished reading your posts about Strikemaster Lanes. I am not sure as to who you might be, but I am the League Secretary that bowls directly behind your league on Friday night. If you want to sub, please feel free to stick around and let the counter help know that you are available. With our late time slot now, subs are very hard to come by.

    I was a bowler at Strikemasters for 18 years, of those 18 years I have been a league officer for 9 of those years. I put alot of time and effort into keeping the bowling moral up and helped Strikemaster bring them back from year to year. It is disheartening to see the place go, but what are we to do? We can only commit ourselves to the sport, or quit bowling. The kindness and welcoming we received from Seaford Bowling Lanes, are very much appreciated. Even members from your league have stopped to say hello, and welcomed us with open bowling bags, (pun).

    The one major complaint that I do have, is the owners could of at least let the league finish out for the season. These league members made a commitment for 36 weeks, only to be pushed out with only 4 weeks notice. If they would of at least waited til the winter leagues were finished, people would of found other centers the following year. As it stands most have completely quit bowling, or was lucky enough to be on a league that was accomodated by Seaford Lanes. Not to even think of all the youth bowlers. Its a bye gone era, gone, gone gone. Forgotten, never!

    I will continue to bowl, where ever my bag leads me. The adjustment has not been an easy one, but our league is unique, in that we are a family. Some of us have bowled together for over 18 years, that in itself is a great accomplishment. And for that I am lucky to be an overseer among a league who sticks together such as we have.

  5. I talked to you last week, KP (yes, I know who you are but you chose that login so I’ll respect the anonymity.) Bowled against you last winter on “Get ‘r Dun”! So you probably would know who I am now, if not I’ll see you on Friday! And sister, I really need the practice! My game’s gone in the tank lately.

    I’m sure there’s a lot of folks in southern Delaware and the Salisbury area who bowled at both Strikemaster and Seaford at least a few times. I think I’ve bowled at least once at all the local houses now (Salisbury, the two at Seaford, OC, Pocomoke, and Cambridge) just in case I run across a tournament there.

    There’s a lot of things that are a shame about the entire situation, including how your league (and the others affected on other nights) was treated. But commerce waits for no man.

    One thing I hope we don’t lose in all this is the opportunity to keep a relatively local PBA Regional stop. But I’m not sure any of the other houses here could handle it – thus I have the feeling that Seaford’s loss is someone like Baltimore or Philadelphia’s gain. Despite the fact I didn’t bowl so hot, the pro-am was pretty fun.

    And, KP, thanks for reading and commenting. Even more, thanks for your service to the local bowling scene. I know there’s not the participation down here as there is where I’m from in Ohio, but as long as a core exists we’ll find someplace to keep bowling.

    Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas.

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