Welcome to monoblogue!

On my old site I somewhat confined myself to the political realm. But now it’s more about my passions on a lot of subjects.

I was actually trying to think of some serious weighty subject to do the “first” blog post on, but then a package arrived in the mail today. I’ve only waited 38 years for this shirt!

And there is a parallel in the shirt’s arrival to the purpose of monoblogue. On my old site I somewhat confined myself to the political realm. But now it’s more about my passions on a lot of subjects. (If you go to the “About” tab you’ll see something about my thoughts while creating monoblogue.) If you want to see my archives from the old website, I did place links to almost every one of my 100+ posts in the “ttrwc” section of the site. You’ll see that a lot of them are politically related. Politics is something I follow closely and will frequently comment on.

The post that may tell you a little bit about the 38 year wait for my shirt is the one called Joy in Mudhenville, part 2.

But tonight I’m just getting my feet wet here and making sure it all looks good. Tomorrow I’m going to catch up on my reading and start getting out the red meat. Actually, I’m watching the MAC championship and it’s tough to work back and forth while keeping focus. How’s that for honesty?

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to monoblogue!”

  1. Hello from the Leftist Archnemisis… proud to be a commenter on the “first” post.

    Nice shirt..has the chickenhawk to go along with it, eh?

    So, when are we going to hear your thoughts on the latest about the Pentagon selling Propoganda to Arab newpapers? I await your fair and balanced report. The liberal media just gave me a slanted version.

  2. Michael,

    Great stuff! Looks like I get to be your first visiting commentator.

    The site looks great! I will have to look into your new webhost. Being on Blogspot myself, I have so far been happy with tweaking one of their templates and adding my own HTML here and there.

    But I am now starting to think about three columns. As you may know, my site can also be reached through http://www.rightingamerica.net… I simply have it set up to forward directly to the blogspot address.

    Anyhow, good job and thanks for the visit!

  3. Hi Michael, your new blog looks very clean and professional. I like it a lot 🙂 The soft colors are actually pretty soothing!

    I look forward to your new blog entries on other stuff other than politics 🙂 Should be good. Talk 2 you later,


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