Out and about

The nice thing about having a tourist mecca nearby is the opportunity to get a political message out. While the Worcester County Republicans already have a billboard in place along the most busy north-south highway on Delmarva (U.S. 13) they’re also getting a lot of thumbs-up from people on the Boardwalk in Ocean City.

And Dan Bongino volunteers seem to be leading the charge!

I have a couple of observations on these two photos.

First of all, I wish Don Stifler, who forwarded these pictures to me, had added a helpful guide so I know who these women are. I presume they’re among the best and brightest that Worcester County Republicans have to offer, but I can’t give credit where credit is due because, quite honestly, I’m not good with faces and names. That’s why I write.

Secondly, I have to ask where the guys are? Come on, this IS the Boardwalk and I think there’s plenty to look at. Maybe that’s what they are doing.

But in the note which accompanied these pictures I’m told that they received accolades or thumbs up from at least one person hailing from all 23 of Maryland’s counties – along with Baltimore City, of course – and even one visitor from Key West, Florida.

Yet there is a wider point or two to be made among all these pictures. While I didn’t see any visitors at the table, it appears that the GOP is drawing interest from Republicans and thoughtful unaffiliated voters or members of other parties around the state who are presumably happy to see representation along the Boardwalk. Honestly, I don’t know if they had a similar location in 2010 or 2008 but what counts is that the two statewide campaigns as well as Andy Harris are flying their flag, so to speak, in this location. (I also don’t know if the Democrats are doing the same thing on the Boardwalk, if they are chances are it’s more of a low-key presence based on another Worcester County event.)

Obviously the conventional wisdom is that Maryland is such a dark blue state that being a Republican consigns you to a lifetime of electoral misery. But in order to change that, someone has to show we have not been buried upside down and will return before the ten-year statute of limitations decreed by Mike Miller. Wouldn’t it be sweet to win a couple statewide races and remind him of those words?

That’s what we’re working for. It may take some time, but as Dan Bongino says, “we cede no ground.” I don’t either.