Friday night videos episode 54

Well, one last edition for 2010. I’m feeling these days like the proverbial old man wheezing to his end and yielding to a baby New Year, but still I’m finding a little bit of interesting stuff to share.

A couple weeks back, President Obama gave a Medal of Honor to SSgt. Sal Giunta for bravery above and beyond the call of duty in Afghanistan – the first time this century a living person received the honor. But there was one complaint about the treatment his family received.

Third row my ass. Speaking of unethical Congressmen, this is an amusing take on a familiar commercial from PJTV.

Americans for Limited Government notes how Congress is holding itself accountable to recent election results.

Something Congress did sometime ago is now beginning to manifest itself, as the Center for Individual Freedom’s Renee Giachino explains.

Enough politics. Let’s rock.

This is the local cover band Vivid Season doing their version of Smile Empty Soul’s ‘Bottom of a Bottle.’

I don’t know who finally got smart at YouTube but I’m enjoying the easier embed. (Well, I was until I found out the embed code doesn’t work after the post came up – grrrrrr.) Thanks a lot people!

Well, that’s a wrap on FNV for 2010, since both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve fall on Friday nights this year – I’ll bring it back in January for its third smash year.

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